Getaway: Rancho Palos Verdes Saturday, April 16, 2016

My next adventure happened sooner than expected. As expected from the newly graduates,  and summer in the corner,  an outing is very much necessary.  There were different resorts to choose from and with different needs like wanting pool,  we ended up with Rancho Palos Verdes.

Rancho Palos Verdes is a golf and residential property located in Indangan Davao City. As what I've mentioned, we were only after the pool. Obviously, we just went to their clubhouse although they have other functionalities like tennis & basketball courts, multi-purpose function hall, bowling, billiard with fitness gym and Jacuzzi & sauna rooms. 

So we met up at Mcdo NCCC,  the nearest Mcdo to us four. Supposedly, we should meet up at 12,  but for Filipino time,  all of us were completed a quarter to two.  We didn't waste time any longer, so we toom a cab and went to our destination.  There's no entrance fee but the pool rate is 110 for adults and 100 for kids.

As we arrived,  there were other people who seemingly just arrived also.  It was too bad that we didn't have the place to ourselves,  but we didn't care.  After a few minutes of settling,  we called a waiter to order.  It was their happy time (2-5pm),  and they have a buy one take one promo for their pizza with free iced tea.  We ordered the Filipino Margarita and Strawberry Milkshake,  and Cookies and Cream for Connie.  

Next thing was our favorite part: photoshoot. The only thing what takes up our time, always. Each of us introduced what we want to achieve (inspirations) and took turns taking photos, except for Connie. She was our always BTS girl, effortlessly looking beautiful even in stolen photos. After countless shots, our order arrived. Unfortunately, the pizza didn't meet our expectations. The pizza was too thin and burnt. We didn't even finish the whole thing. We sat for awhile and a few minutes later, we went back to where we were earlier. As for me and Ell, it was just too quick, so we had another round of shots, still taking turns. When it started to get hot, Khely and Connie already decided to go swimming, Then again, me and Ell continued our photoshoot until I also wanted to take a dip of the pool. Ell didn't get the chance to swim because of some reasons. She survived being alone though, busy editing photos while the three of us played with the water and go pro.


When it was around 4:30pm, we stopped swimming because we were starting to get hungry. We ate the leftover pizza even if it wasn't that good. Then we washed up and enjoyed the last few minutes chatting until it started to get dark. Lucky for us there was a cab who recently dropped a passenger. We finally went home, satisfied.

Pool in Palos Verdes
Another thing, I would like to add is that the whole duration of the outing, we were so LSS-ed and constantly repeating the song, Cake by the Ocean. It also matched somehow because Ell brought a cake. And with Khely's go pro, we were able to make a short video! Credits to Khely! She originally posted it on vimeo, Lemme know what you think!