Getaway: Villa de Mercedes Sunday, April 10, 2016
 I’ve been longing for a summer outing ever since classes ended. There were already planned outings by my classmates, but unfortunately, my parents didn't allow me to go out of town. So I was stuck at home in two weeks of desperation until my closest friends started discussing a pool outing. That's when I've discovered Villa de Mercedes. 

Villa de Mercede's Infinity Pool

Villa de Mercedes is a high-end subdivision, known for their infinity pool with a beautiful view. It’s actually an exclusive resort. Only lot owners and members are allowed to use the pool but you can still use it if you called their office for reservation or if you have an agent to accompany you. As for us, we made a reservation four days ahead and called again to confirm our reservation. 

Pool Rate:

Php 200 for non-members
Php 150 for members

Weekends & Holidays
Php 250 for non-members
Php 200  for members

The hardest part is going there. Villa de Mercedes is actually located outside Davao since you had to pass the checkpoint. We traveled for an hour or so in getting there bc we don’t have a car. We even had to ride a tricycle to take us inside the villa. 
It was worth it when we arrived. The view was beautiful and although there were other people, it didn’t get our way. The only unfortunate thing when we arrived is that we learned that we can’t bring food. Well I guess some people can’t be trusted in the internet. We brought home made burgers by your chef truly. Since ordering food would make the burgers in a waste, we just ordered a strawberry shake, which is so legit cause it's not just ordinary strawberry powder! As for the burgers, we just ate inside their huge and cool locker rooms after taking a bath. Shhh!  
It was a relaxing getaway. We did a short shoot and indulge in their infinity pool for an hour. After that, we just waited for 5pm since a guy from their staff offered us a ride back to the main road. It would really be hard for us if he didn't. They may have a mini van but outside the villa, you ain't seeing cars. In a way, it’s a place you want to go but it’s not much of a place you want to go back, if you don’t have car. Lol.
Villa de Mercedes is located at Catigan, Toril, Davao City. You can check their site for more photos, but mostly this is the view that catches your eye.
Although I've already posted this first in tumblr, I would like this to be my first legit post here in blogger. I thought it would be a nice post since this just recently happened, last April Fool's! I guess that's about it. Lemme know if 
Thank you for reading. 

Chef Meric's home-made burger

Strawberry Shake