Square One Saturday, April 9, 2016

I'm joining the bandwagon! Moving is a strong word, so I'm making it as my main blog. No, my friends from tumblr didn't influence me on trying out blogger. It was already planned out way way before as I've thought having blogger makes my blogging experience in a higher level. I would have been on blogger if it weren't for my busy school life and my never ending battle of thoughts on what my domain would be.

I've been introduced to the blogging platform last 2009 but started having my own personal blog on 2012 in tumblr. I started off as allmylouvin and after 3 years, I changed to itspaprica, currently. Now, I really do hope wanderlaska's gonna be my final domain as soon as I really have my own.

Wanderlaska's a personal blog. It would be stuffed with amateur photographs, surreal adventures, time to time life lately's and who-knows what else I'd have to say. Again, it's my main blog so itspaprica would still be active. I've thought that I'd link the rest in blogger.

Blogger wasn't easy for me bc I've been so loyal and used to tumblr, but I'm pushing through. I think it was a whole week after I finished editing my theme down to writing this blog post but I guess squeezing it in total would be 3 days. Lol.

I hope you'll welcome me here and I'm looking forward togain new friends too!
Cheers to Wanderlaska! :D