Week of Graduation Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I'm sorry to tell you if the title of this post might have or already have fooled you. I haven't graduated yet, unfortunately. In our university, the Accountancy course has 5 whole suffering years. Anyway, it's my two bestest friends and my prince who graduated. I felt so jelly! Huhu. And some regret, and also wishing I'll also graduate. On the positive side, I also think that with all this struggle, there is light in the end. Or some other genuine quote. Haha.

Starting off with my best friend, Elloisa, who first graduated with the course Respiratory Therapist. She actually had her pinning two days before but we can't attend to because the passes were limited. Same goes to the actual day, we just waited outside the venue, which was in SMX Convention Center. When the ceremony was over, we, Khely, Connie and I, headed inside to look for Ell. We took turns taking pictures after we huddled to her and gave a congratulatory hug. We had presents for her too, Khely and Connie bought flowers while I gave a cake which Meric gave. It didn't took that long since we were already starving. That's when we headed to the celebration dinner at Mesa, where her family is waiting. We didn't have to stay as much as we wanted to since there were people who were waiting. So we went home after that. 
Me, Elloisa, Khely, Connie

Khely's graduation arrive as soon as after two days. One thing that's so advanced with our university, not to brag, is that it has the Communications Team, which is responsible for live streaming of the ceremony. It was so useful for everyone especially to those parents who couldn't make it to their child's big day. As for us, we already planned that we'd go to school around 4pm because that's the time Khely would march. And boy were we good at timing, or it was destined, whatever, because as soon as we arrived on the top floor, it was already Khely who's name was called. We celebrated for a bit and that was it. Haha. Because we can't do anything and Khely can't go out, we just headed to the net cafe and played Dota. Lol. It was after 3 hours (ceremony in total was 8 hours) when the ceremony ended and everyone was so damned famished. With that, we waited for Khely to go down and have our pictures taken and go. She already made reservations at Coco's, their favorite restaurant, but the branch we went to was unsatisfying. We didn't enjoy their service and their lack of availability of some food. But in the end, we had our full stomach and a good night sleep.

Group Pic pt 2

Lastly, but not the least, my prince charming is now a chef! Although I've been using #chefMeric for some time now, but this time its different because it's already legit. Anyway, I was in a very foul mood before his ceremony. It was bc I was late and I missed his pictorial just bc mom dragged me to her 'business' and didn't fulfill the promise to bring me there by 1pm. But when I saw him there, waiting along with the other graduates, it all faded. I felt so proud and happy for him because he's finally there. He finished something, and that something is one thing he is passionate about. What made it more better is that he graduated with honors! Her mom was so proud to accompany him to the stage thrice. It was a little lonely that his other brothers and sisters were not there, but I'm happy that he's already contented with me, his mom and his brother Jude to attend his big day. And since it was just us, he decided that we'll have the celebration at his brother's house who couldn't make it. We ordered pizza for take out and went to his brother. We had a mini celebration but it was filled with happiness.

Well that's their big days everyone and I'm so glad to be a part of it. I couldn't be more proud and happy for all of them. It's not the end, but it's the start of their new journey to the real world. I hope I'll get there as soon enough. Catch it soon!

 Thank you for reading!