Abbey Sy in Davao Friday, May 13, 2016

Are you a hand letterer? Or in to calligraphy or any related to that? If yes, then I'm pretty sure you know one of the leading artists in the country, Abbey Sy. It's been years since I've been following Abbey in tumblr, and since then she has captured my eye on her works. I'm one of those who followed her in her artistic side of life. From simple posts in tumblr, to instagram, to having mini workshops, to having her own website and eventually have her own book. She had her workshops only in Manila so, I just dreamt I'd still be able to attend to one of her workshops after I graduate. I've never thought that she'd get to visit our city until May 7.

A couple of weeks ago, she posted in her instagram a hand lettering of "Davao". That's when my eyes widened and I got excited. She' gonna visit Davao! It was also in my favor because it was a Saturday and I had no classes. I even commented on her post and replied to her tweet with the emoji of a girl raising her hands. She asked if who's going to the meet & greet. The best thing also was that it was totally free and there's also a workshop on hand lettering! All we got to do is have a copy of her book and that's that.

On the 7th of May was also the day of rally for our presidential candidate, now soon to be president. I wanted to go to the said event but I also thought that meeting Abbey is really rare and I've already decided before hand. I actually arrived early, but my best friend, Ell, was craving for Mandarin so we ate first. The program already started as we went to the event, but we didn't miss much as the even planner/organizer was just introducing Abbey. 

Without further adieu, Abbey started the workshop. There was a cameraman on stage so that the participants would have a closer look on Abbey's work. She started with the basics which she also mentioned in her book and eventually started a lettering of "Amazing things will happen". She was so patient and relaxed. I knew this because she's already good with it. Along with her samples, she was mentioning a lot of tips which really helped me and I assume the beginners. She was so gentle in teaching.

There were beginners and solid fans of hers from what I've observed. We were just at the back since there were no more vacant seats on the ones with tables. Now I thought there would be papers to be provided so I didn't bother to bring one. Unfortunately, I regretted not bringing one bc even if there were given papers, I was too shy to ask. The good thing was that, Ell had a classmate who was supporting his girlfriend with the hand lettering. She was able to ask a paper for me. That's when I made my own hand lettering. It was so hard to catch up when you're not trying! I did fine maybe, but I know I'm just a beginner so...

The last part of the event was the meet & greet. It was organized at first since they called out by batches with the numbers given from the registration. I was on the last batch, so I had to wait. While waiting, we went to the restroom and after that, there was already a long line. I guess it ended to that. When I was already two persons away, I couldn't contain my feelings. I actually felt nervous as I don't have anything to say and I'm just a normal fan who wanted to meet her inspiration. My ever supportive bff just said to relax and took my camera from me. That's kind of her purpose in some levels. It was finally me and I guess I was somehow starstrucked that I wasn't able to say anything to her except "hi" but in a happy excited kind of tone. She asked me my name and then signed my book. I was also busy snap chatting that moment and still I regretted I didn't say anything. The funny thing was that when it was already time to take a picture, I wasn't prepared and I panicked since I was arranging the book placing it in front of me, I said "wait lang" bc of my hair. It's my kind of problem in pictures. She was so relaxed and joyful even if she was already tired or maybe I assumed that, but she already signed at took a picture a lot of times so I bet it was tiring. She said "sige go". And I knew from that I was smiling like I was the happiest kid in town. I didn't stop there tho, I borrowed Ell's phone to also have a selfie with her and it was fulfilling!

She mentioned before that she was going to visit here again in July and I really hope that I could attend on that day.  So it's not the end, but I'm really happy that I get to meet Abbey even if I wasn't that die-hard fan. I would love to but I guess I'm not really that yet :--)

The irony: I still had a messy hair

So that's about it! Check out my next series soon! Thanks for reading!