Bullet Journal Series Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I've already planned that my bullet journal series would be up at the end of each month. I believe it would be better to group it that way so that I wouldn't be flooding you guys with my bullet spreads every week, although I post more often on my studyblr blog. I also figured that I'd include my life lately since my journal connects with what's going on with my life.

The first half of May was focusing on finishing my internship and passing my summer class. Thankfully, I passed and got a good grade (Yay!). It also included the big day for the country, the elections. It was my first time to vote! The second half of May was catching up with my dearest chef through baking cookies and cakes, and One Piece marathon. There were also mini dates in between. I also achieved my goal: to watch Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse in the big screen! I must say X-Men was AWESOME! The scenes were jaw-dropping. I really had fun. And as what they say "Sansa Stark slayed the role", rather Sophie Turner (not a GoT fan but I like her). I've also applied for a job as an English teacher, I do hope I'll pass the procedures needed. Other than that, I've been slacking off and savoring the free time since my fifth year days are coming soon.

So here's my bullet spreads for the month of May! It's color coded I think my favorite one is the blue and pink themed spread. I actually skipped a page so the 3rd week May 15 - May 21 (blue spread) actually came after the 1st week instead of the pink spread. Haha! Oh well, it's not much of a problem anyway.

1st week Yellow Orsche spread
A study of Pink

Bluer than blue

Violet Mode

Catch the volume 2 of this next month! Thank you for catching up with me!