Bullet Journal Series Saturday, May 7, 2016

Ever since I was a child, I already love notebooks. I used to buy one because of its beautiful pages. It happened so many times and in the end I ended up just hoarding them. I'd always think, "It's so beautiful just to be written with school related notes that I wouldn't even bother reading all over again". Same goes for notebooks that were meant as a journal or a diary. I did write on them, but eventually stop because I couldn't keep up. But those thoughts and that lazy attitude changed when I discovered the bullet journal. 

It was late last year when I started seeing journal posts on Tumblr. I always admired photo journals or visual diaries and sooner, I started following blogs who posts about them. That's also the time I was introduced to studyblr. Surprisingly, there were a lot of blogs who gives tips on studying and setting up a bullet journal.

Wait, what is a bullet journal? You'd think that it's journalling with bullets, which is actually correct. It's basically a to do list for the day. It's the same as your normal way of journalling, writing the date and the day, but you don't use sentences at all. From what I know, it all started with the person behind this blog. And it changed many people in so many different levels. 

Like others, it helped me become organized basically with everything I do. I don't have to think what I have to do next bc I already have my guide. It also helped me in managing my time, specially for studying. And the best thing about this bullet journal, is that I get to be creative about it. I've been inspired from different blogs in the studyblr community on how to design it and it's satisfying.

I tried it first on the last month of 2015, to see if it really works for me. That's also the time when I made another blog for studyblr stuff. And as soon as I enjoyed doing it, I've already planned to buy the notebook that I'm gonna use for 2016. Now, those latest supplies come in handy. Cause I get to use them for decorating! Plus, washi tapes! 

As for this series, I planned to share to you guys my journal at least once a month. I also hope I'd inspire you guys to make your own, especially if you want your life to be organized too. So here's some of my bullet journal spreads over the past months. 

 I also hope you come along with me with this series. And if you also have one, I'd love to see your bullet spreads too!

Thank you so much for reading!