Hello Wanderlaska.net! Wednesday, June 29, 2016
ft. my current fave bag

Hello everyone!! I welcome you to wanderlaska.net!

I believe every blogger dreams to have his/her own domain. As for me, I just made it into reality. Yay! I've been planning to buy a domain ever since I've moved to blogger and tadaah! Here it is. I couldn't even believe it because last night, I just bought in on a whim. I didn't plan to buy it just yet, but when I was checking on how to finally buy it, I was already filling out my card details and that was it. I was even tired from going home from school on 9pm and then there I was. Can you see from this paragraph how much excited and unbelievable I am?

Anyway, I just want to formally tell you guys that I have a domain now. Oh, and I chose .net because I think .com is too mainstream hahaha, jk! Though I just find it more amazing if I say wanderlaska.net. Having a domain surely pushes you to post more often and do something more on your blog. I'll get to it soon enough if I'd have lots of time. Someday!

Part of my plan is also to give a little some-some to you guys. Unfortunately, for now, I didn't achieve my earnings goal due to some other personal reasons, so I'll have to push it some time later this year. Stay tune.

Hope you'll have the best days ahead!