Life Lately | 2 Sunday, June 26, 2016

I've been MIA for weeks now and I feel bad. I've had lots of free time bc of my 6 hour break in school. But the thing is, I don't bring my laptop at school, so... Now, finally, I pushed myself to squeeze in blogging. Truth is, I'm excited to the a lot of things I have to tell you.

  • As you all know, Meric and I recently launched our small online pastry shop, Baeking Duo. We've had a few orders for the past two weeks and it gave us more confidence to sell when our customers loved the pastries (red velvet crinkles, personalized cupcakes, chocolate moist cake) they ordered. We also made chocolate chip cookies for me to sell in school, which made me busier!
  • I became an instant layout artist when Meric recommended me to his client, an owner of a bistro in the city. I am currently designing their menu, flyers, place mat, and business card. I ain't done yet bc of the changes and bc of my acads. It actually got me closer to Adobe illustrator and made me want to learn more tricks.
  • For my last year in college, I made a huge step on joining organizations in school. I joined the Direct Communications committee of the Accountancy Students Executive Council on the first recruitment last April and recently, I joined the Creative Pool on their second recruitment. Last June 11, we had our team building. It was really fun and fulfilling since I've always wanted to join one of the orgs since first year. And now, I'm part of it!
  • Another Saturday was also filled with another team building. Last Saturday, our batch officers hosted a team building in Lantaw Bukid for the whole batch. Unfortunately, there were only a few who came. But we enjoyed still, and I must say it was nice to have this bonding since we're now closer than before.
  • Last night was all about expressing ourselves and creating core memories as we had our (last, for me) Accountancy Orientation. It was also my first gig as a Creative Pool member. I had to take pictures of the event. It made me crave to buy another lens since my lens couldn't caught up with much of the happenings. It also made me want to learn more about taking photos in events. Gahh!

Melody Cupcakes - Our latest personalized cupcakes

Can you believe how busy I am lately? There are also loads of events this July! I must say I love it and I'm excited for the school year. I never thought that I would be in my entire Accountancy life. I don't know what would I post by then because I don't think school events would be that interesting for you guys but I'd most likely share my best shots if ever I have one. I'm also craving for a photoshoot, beach, restaurants to try so.. I just hope that I could achieve this someday. There's a lot to worry about but, I'm putting my game face on!! 

Since June is about to end, one of the future posts is my June spread from my bullet journal. Catch it soon!