The Baeking Duo: An Online Pastry Shop in Davao Thursday, June 9, 2016

After months of taking orders from friends, Meric and I finally made things official! It was also a perfect timing because I also thought about the perfect name for our mini business. I must say it took a lot of thinking for the perfect pair of Baeking but viola~ it just popped in my head like magic.

The meaning behind 'The Baeking Duo' is quite obvious in some ways. Bae, which is currently famous and has the meaning 'before anyone else', represents me, the girlfriend. For king, it doesn't necessarily mean the royal highness, but actually Meric's second name - King. Baeking obviously represents baking. As for the duo, it's as it is, also the word that magically popped to my head. 

We've already asked our friends to order from us if they need anything. Sometimes it's our family who also asked us to bake. Last March, we also made chocolate chip cookies and I sell them at school. We've also talked about making things official, the only thing that took us awhile was the name and I was busy with summer school. But I've finally worked on the branding and here we are!

For now, we're accepting orders in Davao only, so be sure to order from us when you're in the area. You may contact us through our Facebook page.

Thank you!