Bullet Journal Series | 2 Tuesday, July 19, 2016

It's finally here, my June bullet journal spread. Sorry to you guys who waited for this update. It was really hard to cope up with all the busy things I had to do (refer to this post). I even had an ugly spread on the last two weeks because of all the work. I'll do my best on July, although I found my first spread for it.. meh. 

Anyway, this is it. I was hoping for it to be more consistent. Unfortunately, I lacked brush pens to cater 4 weeks. So I just used those Zebra mildliners which helped, quite. Clearly, the first two or three spreads were much more better to look at. I loved the yellow spread and the yellow brush pen. Well, I still hope you enjoyed looking. :D

Catch more of these spreads soon!