Friday's Happy Things | 2 Sunday, July 24, 2016

Friday already passed I think it doesn't really have to be posted on Friday despite the title. Oops. I wasn't able to post last Friday because I was busy preparing for my major quiz yesterday, which somehow went better than the last week's quiz. Anyway, it's a brand new week and there were things I'm very much thankful for and of course so much to be happy about.

Moving on, here's my happy list for the week.

  • Scorpion, the series. I'm a big fan for series that would blow my mind, to the point that I don't understand that much just like what this series gives me. It's an American series that involves geniuses and two normal people which solves government problems. Like I said, geniuses, my mind can't seriously cope up with theirs. It started last 2014 and its second season just finished this year. I'm still on the first season and I just wanna watch it, also with my closest friends.
  • Recognized, appreciated my Instagram feed. One of my friends told me that her dormmate was a fan of mine. At first, I didn't get it cause how did I get a fan? I was thinking maybe I was the fan. Not until we met, and she told me to greet her friend a happy birthday. Then my friend introduced me to Julia, her dormmate, and she was shocked that it was me. To make it short, she's following me in IG and she really loves my feed/photos. It may be small for some others, but it was a huge impact for me. I'm just glad that people/strangers appreciated my shots. It really gave me the confidence to post more!
  • Filter Lens on Sale. One sad thing that happened to my camera was that my lens protector cracked. I was trying to find some time to find a new one but theeen.. me and my friends just happened to visit Chimes after getting some data from Dept of Trade & Industry. We were just looking around then boom! I saw the lens that I needed. On top of that it was on a HUGE sale. From Php 1900, I bought it for Php 200. Amazing right?! I also bought the ND filter which also costs the same. It was such a fortunate thing to happen!!
  • Lightroom. I have been a loser for a very long time. I never managed to try Lightroom before because of it's for pro users but agh. I'm just in awe on how amazing the photos would look way way wayyyyy better if edited through Lightroom. I guess I'm never too late to start learning it. Yay!
  • New Case. I don't usually buy cases because 1. no money for it and 2. I still have my case. But my iPod touch really looks dirty and my clear case is full of scratches so it was an investment to buy a new screen protector and case. Good thing there was a nice one available in store, since it's really rare to find one!
  • Bought a dog tag. It's actually a surprise for Meric since he lost his dog tag and I'm just really excited to give it to him for no particular event. Unfortunately, I spilled it earlier today but he'll never know when and how he'll receive it. Can't wait for it to arrive!
  • Chocolates + Almonds. The perfect combination. I just love almonds ever since I've tried it. Mom really knows best because out of the blue she bought me loads of chocolate filled almonds. 
  • JT's Can't Stop The Feeling. I was just listening to a playlist in Spotify and then this song came in and it just. gives. GOOD. VIBES. It really makes me dance in my own way. And as soon as I watched the music video, DEFINITELY good vibes! It's sure part of my happy playlist!
  • Sunflower Oil. Finally, I got the chance to buy this from Human Heart Nature. As soon as I saw its benefits it really made me want to try it and so far, I feel my face is smoother than before. I just wish it would also remove pimples too. But it sure has its advantages! You should try it! They have a website here.
  • New socks. It was actually Kas' pasalubong from his trip in Korea. It was the cutest socks I have. There were two foot socks and two pairs of normal socks, but Leng, our good ole friend, took the other foot sock. And now, I just got to try it today! It was really comfy. Check out the picture. Cute isn't it? (人◕ω◕) 
UV Lens and ND Lens + iPod Touch Case

Cute foot socks

It was such a good week! I can't wait for next week even though it's gonna be a busy one since it's exam week. Still, I will surely update you soon bc I have something definitely one  to post! Catch it soon! Have a great night guys!