Photo Walk: Seawall Friday, July 29, 2016

It was a beautiful calm and sunny Sunday. I felt so relieved because after those hours of studying, I finally get to have some time for myself. For months of craving of a photoshoot, I've finally set up a time for it. With my new ND filter, I was even more giddy to go out and try it.

One of the places that is good for a photoshoot and for the ND filter is Seawall. It has been called several names but most would know it if David is mentioned. It's because a replica of the sculpture of David was placed in the middle. A lot of people who lived nearby would visit there often and sometimes kids would even swim.

Before Seawall, Meric and I had an us time at SM Ecoland. It was near Seawall which was very fortunate for me so I don't have to travel far. He knew that I'd be going to Seawall with my photoshoot buddy, Elloisa, but turned out she couldn't make it because she had a review. So he went with me! Well, I knew he would have come even if Ell was there. But I'm glad he's there. Hihi.

Around 5 pm, we went out and I was a little sad because the weather didn't cooperate much than I expected. Based on the previous Sundays, the sunset was beautiful. Nevertheless, that didn't stop me from going on a photoshoot! I was so giddy when we arrived. I made my way to clicking the shutter button and finally set up my ND filter. It was awesome! I love the vibe of ND and it looked so clean.

 With my newly installed Lightroom, I can't even wait to edit! I took a lot of photos so it also took time to finish editing, plus, we have a quiz again to study for and a feasibility study to work on. So I get to upload them now and these photos are the result. I just can't believe with the things Lightroom could do. *bows down* 

All these results just made me want to go on a photoshoot again! My wanderlust is ticking again and my love for photography just grew. It led me to following photography blogs in tumblr and looking for more tutorials in Lightroom. 

I would love to know your thoughts on the photos. It would mean a lot. Other than that, catch more of my photowalks soon!