31st Kadayawan Festival Friday, August 26, 2016

This is probably the closest thing to celebrating Kadayawan for real for me. A club that I joined, which is Ateneo Photographer's Society, planned to have a street photography during the Indak-Indak sa kadalanan last August 20. Of course, thinking that it's my last year and actually a first time, I joined in (even though they're so close and I feel really out of place). 

Our club president said we should be there around 6 AM but unfortunately, it started around 8 or 9. We just waited at the Roxas grounds near the Marco Polo hotel since the first showdown would be held there. The experience was something I'd expect as a photographer. The struggle was real. There was a crowd alright. And most of them were raising their gadgets, also taking pictures. Can you imagine?

After the performances of the 14 contestants on the Roxas grounds, I felt tired. It was tiring bc somehow I was alone, (though I didn't mind that much). I just thought it would be fun if I had someone with me. It was also because I've been standing and walking for like how many hours already. And it's gonna be more tiring walking alone from there to Rizal Park, where the main event would be held. So I decided I'd go home instead. Sadly, I also needed sleep at that time bc I was planning to go out again later that night.

I kinda regretted that I did left because it turned out one of my close friends went there alone too! I could have also took more shots during the parade but then I believe that there's always a next year and I really plan to go with my best friend slash photoshoot buddy! Til then, these will be the only photos I'd be showing you. I hope it's not that bad for an amateur/photo enthusiast!