Bullet Journal Series | 3 Friday, August 19, 2016

It's a little late than never. It's already in the queued for so long that I just have to post it. I wouldn't want it to go with the August spreads. Anyway, I just had to remind you guys, even though the fiesta's over, Kadayawan feels is still on the runway! I'd be a little more busy with it and still be busy prepping for my exam and deadlines next week. Yes I'm busy here and there, but I'm glad that I'm not slacking off! I hope to be more productive after this.

Now, July's the start of my minimalist design slash entry. I kinda ruined the first spread since I was so giddy to use the ZIG brushable pen Kas gave me. I was also kind of in a hangover from the practices for the dance that I wasn't able to plan out my spread! So you'll see the jump from the first week spread then to the week spreads ahead. I love the third spread even though my doodle was so bland. Oh well. 

How about you? Any favorites? Suggestions for spreads maybe? ;)