Life Lately | 03 Friday, August 12, 2016

A much expected time flies so fast saying is definitely an understatement for August. You see, for the past 16 years in the Ateneo community, August is a much awaited month. And eventually for the last four to six years, August events got bigger. As an orientation, our school fiesta is in the mid week, which lasts around 3 to 5 days. August also got bigger for me because it was the time I get to join in the city's biggest event every year, Kadayawan.

Having said that, I believe you'd understand if I didn't update much, but of course do expect some posts about some of these events. August is actually something I've been looking forward to aside from my birthday and Christmas because for these events, I also get to use my camera and hone my photography skillz. For example, as an ASEC Creative, I was up for documentation for the first day of the 68th Ateneo Fiesta #Hugway2016, which was yesterday! I had some good shots although there weren't that many. 

Aside from which, I've also been catching up with Meric bc it felt like it was months since our precious fun dates. Also, with his bff taking a vacation in the Phils, there were very much unexpected/unplanned outings and more outings in the future. I guess the Baeking Duo is also something to include in my happenings lately. We're so happy we're gaining and attracting new customers! It got me to making goals for the business! 

Lastly, I'd like to share my extracurricular activities in between. It includes reading Gone Girl, which I find lazy to read bc I've seen the movie, watching Scorpion, I'm already in the second season!, and editing photos in lightroom. Oh, I almost forgot, for the past two weeks I was also busy preparing for my yearbook pictorial! I'd surely share it to you guys some day. I ain't ready posting my toga picture just yet!

I pray that I'd be able to upload a new update soon. On the mean time, you can see my Visayan rants on twitter, or my shared posts and my original photos in Facebook. Til then guys!