Photo Walk: Times Beach Saturday, August 6, 2016

I've always been excited for photo shoots and I love the idea of photo walks. But I love it more when I'm going with my best friend slash photo shoot buddy. It's different with her because in situations like this, we are in synced. We are in our own world with our own terms and it's just us that could understand each other. And after months of missing each other and craving for a photo walk, we finally have a Sunday to spare.

We couldn't stay for long though. Elloisa has to study (she's currently reviewing for the board exam).  And so, we picked the nearest place for a mini shoot, Times Beach. Well, Times Beach has been around for as long as we could remember. It's one beach in Davao that used to be visited by many, but after how many years, it became polluted. Only the ones living near the beach were its only visitors. 

Despite its black sand and now not-so-polluted appearance, it's actually a nice place to unwind. Well, at least for a small walk and some little alone time. The waves are wilder than the famous resorts in Samal island. It's also a quiet place to think. But for us, it was one place for a shoot! 

We failed on trying for a long exposure photo because my ND filter wasn't dark enough for the setting. I didn't have a CPL filter and Ell wasn't able to find her filters at home. So we just went our way with what we could take. There were two kids who caught us capturing photos. They started posing and laughing as I continued to take snaps of them. Sooner, they went closer and even photobombed!

We didn't stay long that much. It wasn't very interesting since it was such a cloudy Sunday, there was no sunset. Yet for the love of photo shoots, we pushed it. It'll be after her board exams when we'll be able to go on a shoot again, at most. But I'll be having more soon, with a different company! Heads up: our school fiesta is near, plus Kadayawan! Boy do I love August!

I hope to know more of your thoughts! Thanks for reading :)