Lost in Davao Monday, September 19, 2016

I couldn't contain my excitement as soon as I heard that our theme for our class pictorial is mountaineering or hiking. "Pho-to-shoot.. Pho-to-shoot!" It was chanting in my mind for days. Even though me and my classmates didn't know exactly where we'll be headed, the thought of having a view and something new just makes me giddy.

When the day finally arrived, which was last Monday, August 29th, I panicked. I wasn't ready on what to wear. I didn't have the time to prepare the day before because we had an immersion and Meric and I caught up with some things so.. Anyway, I did my research and it was hard to match it with the clothes I have. Good thing there was one thing I was sure of: my boots. After some countless mix and match of clothes, I've come up with something I'm confident to wear, thankfully. And I headed off to our meeting place, right on time.

It took two long hours to get to where we're going. All we know is that it's somewhere in Calinan, also, where one of our classmates lives. Good thing: he already had choices where we'd pose or settle; bad thing: we had to hike. Looking more on the good side, when we arrived, we were amazed of the river and the hanging bridge. For all nature lovers, even if it's not the best, it was beautiful.

Like I said, we had to hike to get to two of the choices. Turns out, most of us got tired from the heat of the sun and the road going uphill and we were able to check only one spot. Our photographer checked it out and recommended instead a view we saw near the river. I believe we all voted for the river view so, somehow the hike was a waste of time.

After around an hour of prepping, posing, taking pictures, we were finally done. It was so tiring but I had fun, even though I lost my lens cap in the river. Yes, I had some photos although I also wished I did have some photos too ~~ not until my very sweet classmate secretly took photos of me! To think we weren't that super duper close, it was overwhelming!! I even love her shots!

this is one of them

If you're that curious, here are our pictures! I was betting for the second one. As for now, we still haven't decided which one would be the picture we're going to pass. They were thinking of another photoshoot, I still don't know. What I know is that my original section rather family, will be having our own photoshoot too! I just hope it'll happen.

To more adventures!