Do hilltops go with blues? Thursday, September 29, 2016

When it comes to my best friend, Elloisa, photowalks are the only thing that we'd plan aside from our travel goals. Now that she's already a Respiratory Therapist Registered in the Philippines (RTRP), she has now more time to do everything she wants! She's basically free from all the studying! With that and her new 35mm lens, she sent me a message and as expected, a photowalk.

*this post is photo heavy*

The place is always one of our major problems in photowalks. Even though Davao is considered as the biggest city in the country, it's hard to find places to match the photos we want to achieve. Thankfully, Ell just discovered a new place while visiting one of the churches in the city. When we passed by the church, nostalgia kicked in. The Shrine was where we go to church when I was still a kid. And it wasn't just me and my family, but actually mom's siblings to which included my cousins. I even remembered roaming around since it was also somehow of a park where families would have a picnic under the tree.

Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate with us that day. It was so cloudy so we couldn't appreciate the view as much. Of course we had to do experiment. We tried playing with the flowers, the only thing that was bright.

Not until it started raining. We were forced to just sit back and took portraits instead. The good thing was that the mood really matches what I've been inspired of lately, cinematic look. I'm no good at serious faces but Ell did.

It was a good walk even though the weather made me feel lazy. I'm so happy with the outcome; I achieved the cinematic, street style and somehow of a grunge look with a little help of Lightroom. That surely made us calm down from wanting another shoot. But then again, we still want more photos to achieve.

I can't wait to share more of my shoots soon!