Wanderlaska on September Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hooray! It's the -BER months and what's more is my BERTH month! See what I did there? *evil laughs* I know, it's already half of September and the big day is actually tomorrow, but I had my principles, rather a promise to fulfill. And I am more than happy to welcome you... the latest look of Wanderlaska!

"No posts should be published until wanderlaska's got a new face."

More like, "Don't post yet, September's different so make it count". Something like that. Other than it's my birth month, for me once September arrives, the vibes are just different. Sure it's because the countdown to Christmas is there, but I don't know. Everything seems different somehow. 

It was until the second day arrived. In case you haven't heard of the news, our beloved city had a blast, literally. What's even unfortunate was that one of my classmates was heavily injured, but thankfully alive. That first week was full of mourning and sadness. But yes, like any other Davaoeño would say, we'll stand up and we'll be stronger.

The Search.

I've already planned buying a pre-made template way back since I got the domain. As a student, sadly, I couldn't afford such pricey ones. Not to mention, I have my preferences, or you could say I'm picky. Good thing I found two, which took a lot of contemplation. One is still pricey for me and the other was something I could save for, but some of my preferences still didn't match. Another factor also hindered me from buying it ~ I don't know for myself if I could change some parts of it, on my own. Requesting for some changes cost thrice of the template itself. No deal!

That's when Dems comes in. I have been a user of Dems' themes during the tumblr days. Whenever she's got a new theme that meets my eye, I'd go change. Now that she's here in Blogger, I thought of asking her to make a template that fits my preferences. And I'm so happy she did! She managed to customize the details that I wanted and tadaah! I woke up around two in the morning and as soon as I saw her e-mail, I got up in bed and tried it. It made me so happy I really thought I could cry. It's like waking up with your Christmas present, oh wait, birthday present! Credits all goes to Dems!! 

There are still some minor changes though, but I wanted to launch it before tomorrow so here goes! Now that I've set up my opening post for this month, my drafts would be posted for a series of days. I wasn't entirely inactive you guys. I was just waiting for this to happen. It got me to feeling a little unproductive not posting, but say no more, I have lots of things to share!