We Ain't Ever Getting Older Sunday, September 25, 2016

Meet the 21-year-old Loi. I'm pretty sure  believe that looks can be deceiving. I don't look like a twenty-one year old! 

this was obligatory for Meric
Short Round-Up

It was two Fridays ago, the sixteenth, when I had my 21st birthday. It really didn't felt like it was, to be honest. Or maybe I just couldn't believe it. It was more than an ordinary day though. A 12midnight surprise surprise done by Meric. My parents and I went early to church early and had breakfast at McDonald's. After my one hour class, Meric and I met again to have lunch at Vikings. Sad story: they didn't sang me a birthday song (つ﹏⊂). We roamed around for a bit and we went back to school cause our group had to work on our feasibility study. 

I felt it was a little selfish of me this year not to celebrate with a big group, thinking I'd use the money to buy me a lens. Nevertheless, there was still a small gathering with my closest friends and my special someone at our home. It may not be like Nadine's 21st Halloween Themed Birthday, which I originally planned two years ago except for the Halloween part, but I'm glad all my loved ones were there. Also, I thought I could still celebrate that kind of birthday in the later years.

Embracing O. L. D.

Well, the times wherein I'd reminisce days when I was younger really slapped 'OLD' in my face. And it really got me thinking, somehow, I've matured. Even if I still don't look and act like my age! It's like, I'm looking things in a different perspective or thinking differently.

That includes, some realizations that occurred to me recently:
  • We ain't ever getting older. Age is just a number. It's true. The only thing that matters is yourself. How you'd look or think of yourself. I mean, so what if you look young or if you act like this or that at this age? Or you dress up more mature at such a young age? If that's who you are, why change to please others?
  • The only thing you could control is yourself. It's actually in relation to my first point. You can't control other people. You can't demand someone to change the way he/she is. 
  • Everyday is a learning opportunity. You don't stop learning. It doesn't only mean academics but also to your hobbies or interests, and even in life. So, make use of each day to learn something new.

And setting up a couple of things to work on:
  • Be more feminine. I would have said 'woman', yet it really sounded very mature to me, so I ended up with feminine. It kinda means putting on your face. Although, I was really inclining to look neat and girly, Anna's words of advice really encouraged me to do more than the looks.
  • Be better. Maybe it's too general, but if I think about it everyday, it boosts my positive vibes. I feel great and I smile often and laugh more. I also believe that pushing myself to be better kills my insecurities.
  • A catch phrase.

There maybe some other things that I've learned that I haven't mention, but I think these are just some of the things that really got me to thinking much more on life as of the moment. Also, do watch Anna Akana's videos on youtube! I just knew her because of Dems' post, and I enjoyed her videos which really made me laugh a lot and also helped a lot.

Anyway thank you so much to everyone who remembered my birthday. Just a simple greeting already means a lot. Hope you had a great weekend and good luck for another week!

And still I don't have my own catchphrase so, til my next post!