Bullet Journal | 5 Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I don't know if anyone misses this or something but it's back! And most probably the last for this year.. Hmm. I know it's a little too late since October is almost ending but anyway, this is my bullet journal for September.

I had high hopes for this month's spread because a. it's my birth month b. it's the start of the 'ber' months. Even so, I still aimed for a minimalist design and even more minimal to the point that I'll have just more black. 

this is my fave spread for September

But then again, I couldn't cope up with the happenings on September. I wasn't able to write some short summaries of the day due to school demands and some extra-curricular stuff that I had to do. So I ended up posting some colored things that I used to paste before. I just didn't want to leave such big white spaces that would only leave my tasks alone. So I added photos and some washi tapes. 

I've been poor with my hand-lettering skills so please forgive my lame output. I think it's because I've also driven myself to go with photography that's why I wasn't able to cope up with my journal. And with that, it led me to thinking of a photo journal, with actually printing my outputs, and writing some short notes about it. 

Earlier I said this might be the last because my October bujo spread is even lame-r than this one. I don't know about November though. The only sure thing is that I get to finish my bullet journal for a year! I just need some catching up maybe, or getting more inspired in doing my spreads again.