Hilary Lee x FTU Creamery Thursday, October 20, 2016

I want you guys to meet Hilary. She's a friend of Ell and she was our first model to shoot with. Technically, not a real model, but she wants to shoot and we're up for that. I've actually met her before through my cousin but we didn't really talk that much. So a little awkward, but yeah, I managed shooting with her and eventually talk without me being awkward. Anyway, me and Ell already planned three places to have a shoot but turns out, we took a lot of time in FTU Creamery. 

FTU Creamery

FTU Creamery is one of the new food shops in town, as far as I know. It's actually an ice cream shop. Of course, there are a variety of desserts that has an ice cream. I already planned to take some photos of the shop since we were the only customers, but I don't know what hit me. The only one that I took was the wall that seems to be the instagrammable part of the shop.  Ell was the only one who ordered since I still wasn't up for it. She ordered the cuckoo cup. And again, I wasn't myself at that moment that I didn't took a photo of it. I couldn't even describe it! All I know is there's a cookie dough and an ice cream on top of it. They also had a simple ice cream in a cone, which I would have ordered later that afternoon, but still didn't. 

The Shoot

Our theme was Denim Party. It's all about denim, but not much. We didn't really planned her outfit that much. Ell just brought her denim jacket for it. We were actually aiming for Charlotte Mckee's photos, a.k.a Brandon Woelfel's model and friend. But it really didn't go to what we actually aimed for. So we just shoot with what we had.



reflection on glasses

After this shoot (I mean not right away), we finally pushed ourselves to create our own Facebook page, Ell x Loi Photography. We really were getting all excited and somehow crazy for wanting more shoots like that and pre-debut shoots. Well, you could also say prenup but we're not that pro yet. So it's a goal. We've been talking about getting our own studio way before, but of course since we can't do it now just yet, freelancers would be a start. 

Oh and btw, FTU Creamery is located in JJ's commune, Loyola St., Davao City.