How to Make Croquettes Monday, October 31, 2016

Clearly, this one's a first for Wanderlaska. I've never had any posts about restaurants, particularly something related to the love of my life, (aside from Meric), food. Although I feel weird posting about food, and what's more is that it's not even related to Halloween, I guess it's one weird way to post it instead of sulking to the fact that I couldn't celebrate Halloween in my city. Cause everyone's dressing up for Halloween and I wanna wear a costume too.

Anyway I want you guys to try making your own croquettes!
What are croquettes?

Croquette is actually a breadcrumb food roll. Inside it are seasoned mashed potatoes mixed with meat, cheese, vegetables or even seafood. From my research, it originated in France, from the French word croquer which means 'to crunch', and gained worldwide popularity. Other countries have a different way of making one with different ingredients and different shapes (round, cylinder, flat).

My Story

As for me, I've come to know croquettes while watching anime with Meric, but we first encountered it when we ordered it in Manga Toshokan, a Japanese cafe in our city. It's practically a common dish in Japan, and it's called Korokke. After that experience, of course I wanted more, so that's when we decided to make our own and even more than we've tried! 

It also came to a point where we introduced Korokke in our Marketing class. We had to introduce an unknown or unfamiliar food in Davao. Me and my groupmates then made korokke a few more times, but it was different meat this time. If Meric and I used ham, then for this one we used chicken and mayonnaise. 

After months since our Marketing class, I surely missed eating them. We just watched Kimi no Nawa and it was shown there! That kinda made Meric decide on making one aside from me bugging him of croquettes. He wanted to try the flatten patty shape. So went for it! Just recently, we went to the market and without planning, we bought again potatoes for croquettes. That hit me to making a post about it. I even remembered it last minute - I didn't have enough croquettes to show. Huhu. 

I mean who doesn't love potatoes????

Our Recipe
1 kg of potatoes
90 g of cheese
1 pc of chicken part (breast is preferred) or10 slices of ham
1/3 kg of mayonnaise
2 eggs
1 cup of flour
1 cup of bread crumbs
cooking oil
salt and pepper

01. First, wash the potatoes and boil them. Boil the chicken too, no need to season it. If you're ham is not yet cooked, then you should fry it. 
02. Slice the cheese into smaller boxes. You can do this while waiting for the potatoes to boil.
03. Once the potatoes are cooked, drain the water and start mashing them. After, season it with salt and pepper.
04. If you opt for the chicken, shred it into thin strips with your hands or you can use the knife and slice it into very small pieces. 
05. Mix the mayonnaise and the chicken strips.
06. Flatten an amount of mashed potatoes and place the filling and some pieces of cheese (depends how many you want) in the middle. Then roll it into the shape you want. As for us, we usually make cylinder shaped croquettes.
07. Cover the shaped potatoes in flour, scrambled egg, and bread crumbs, consecutively.
08. Pre-heat oil then deep fry until golden brown. 
That's how you do it if you want the meat as a filling but if you just want to mix them..
Same goes with steps 1 to 3
04. Mix the meat with the potatoes.
05. Flatten an amount with the mixture and place the cheese in the middle then shape it however you want.
 Same goes with 7 and 8.

Chicken and Mayonnaise filling

We haven't tried having ham as a filling and mixed with mayonnaise, but recently we tried the chicken and mayonnaise and cheese mixed also with the potatoes. It still has the same result, it just depends on your preference and the shape (maybe). We love having the cheese in the middle because we can taste it more rather than having it mixed with the others.

This is just our way of making it. There are also a lot of different ingredients to try it on. We just use this because it's enough for our budget and there are around 20 cylinder - shaped croquettes with this recipe! It's also enough for a meal. Definitely a must - try!

I know my photos are not so convincing bc I just took them when I realized that I should make a post on how to make one. But of course you could see more here. I hope I did well in my instructions and this food post. And I do hope that you'll try it! It's up for all potato lovers out there!! I mean, who doesn't love potatoes???

Til my next post!