O Goals Thursday, October 13, 2016

ripped jeans

Making the best of my no class days

About time for my life events aside from all those loads of pictures I've been posting. I know it's already the mid of October but it isn't too late. October never got so interesting and was never a big deal until now. I have to make the best of my days before I get too serious next semester. So as early as now, I want my days to be very productive and I mean not just lounging on the bed and endlessly scrolling in my social media feeds. I've come up with some few goals this Ohh-ctober. Just few because the probability of achieving so many is unlikely. Lol.

01. Closet Cleanup. It came to a point when I was looking for something to wear, and my pile of clothes just went overload. If you've come across one of those posts that shows the percentage on 'Clothes I own' and 'Clothes I actually wear', then you can say that I'm part of those who agree with that. So I really need to move some of my unused clothes somewhere not in my closet. 
02. Visit a new restaurant. For the past few months, new restaurants, cafes, and other food stores kept showing up on my feed. I've been dying to visit and try one, but it just didn't happen. Also, I missed blogging about my stay or experience in a restaurant. At the very least, try one.
03. Watch Movies & TV Series. Boy do I want to binge watch series! Aside from HTGWM, I'm planning on watching Stranger Things. I also want to go back to the series I haven't finished back in high school, Gossip Girl. There's also Pretty Little Liars and I wanna watch Friends again because it's my fave. I just really hope I could finish these series! Oh and as for movies, I don't know what else to watch aside from catching up with the movies I missed in the cinema. Hope you could give me some suggestions! 
 04. Cover a real event xx shoot more. My best friend and I just got hired as a photographer for someone's pre-debut shoot by the end of October! I'm so hyped for it and I just hope things go well. I've been dying to be hired as a freelance photographer, and now here it is! This sembreak really is the time to shoot more since I've got the free time and worry-less feeling. And I plan on delving more on portrait photoshoots. Of course, this serves as a learning experience for me in the whole photography field.
05. Learn the basics of make-up. This is actually part of my being more feminine goal. And as much as I wanted to apply, I just really feel lazy applying much stuff on my face. I just usually go with powder and lipstick. But then again, I have to learn how to use an eyeliner for my cat - eye slash Anna Akana goal.

Might as well talk about the happenings lately

For starters, it's already my semestral break! Obviously. I just finished my last exam for the sem and I didn't really felt free until I reached home and faced my laptop. That led me to posting now and share with you guys how I am when not holding my camera.

I've been pretty much doing the home-school routine. I go on some small dates with Meric time to time. Sometimes, I'd be busy helping Meric bake on our orders. And most of the time, I cling to the internet. Last August though, I was having the time of my life going out since Meric's best friend was here for a vacation and we'd usually go out to have fun. Seems kinda boring after that not until I got my new 35mm lens that got me thriving again for more shoots and much more when I discovered Brandon Woelfel in my twitter feed. I mean, he's posts are literally cool. He is iconic. His style is iconic. He's amazing. And lots of people love his shots. Seriously, go check his instagram.

I just really have to do everything right now, or for the rest of October because I can sense that my study gaming will be too strong next semester because I'm try'na graduate and I have to pass all my mockboards.

Please do suggest some movies or series. And again, I still don't have a catch phrase so see ya!

Btw, I already have a Facebook page for Wanderlaska!