How to be Productive Saturday, November 26, 2016

Gone are the days that are laid back and I'm free to do anything. My time is up, the glory days are over. It's a five-month battle between me and academics and it's something that I really have to win. In other words, I have no time to waste since I have, again, mock boards to pass. To think that there are seven major subjects to study for, there's a lot of catching up to do.

In line with this drama, I want to share with you guys the things that I started doing after a few days classes started. I wasn't ready, and there were still some adjustments from the vacation to facing studying again. With that first week, catching up is an understatement. So, the study geek and that pinch of OC-ness in me pushed me to organizing my books and papers and get shit done.

01. Make a list. List down all the freaking things you have to do, have to study. If you want to be more organized, list them down from easiest to hardest, or fastest to slowest, or categorize them. This would already be easier if you've been bullet journalling. As for me, mostly, my lists would include what to read/study for the day, then arranging them from what subjects wouldn't take so much time to subjects that needs more reviewing.
02. Schedule. It would really be organized if you did because you'd be able to estimate what time you'd end and things would run smoothly. That is, if you follow your to-do list. A professor of mine recently told us, if the time for a certain subject is done, then it's done. Proceed to the next subject, cause in the end we wouldn't have the chance to study the others on schedule. Well, that's for my review scenario. But the good thing is that when we stop at the specified time, we'd be able to do the other things too, which is more productive!
03. Clean your desk. If you're working on your desk, or if you're studying, this really helps. This actually takes away at the very least, distractions. Having a cluttered desk would make you hop in one task at a time, which would then take time in finishing one task. Aside from being an OC, having my desk clean feels like my studying session is at peace. 
04. Keep gadgets away from you. Well if you're using these for your works or study session, turn off your wifi (if you don't need it), go to airplane mode, and/or turn off your notifications. This would most be suitable for those who are studying, but it could still be applied (depends on your discipline) if you really want to get things done. Sometimes, I tend to get back to work (or other to-do) once I've checked my phone or notifications. I'd continue scrolling and just say I could do it later. 
05. Just start and do it. Sometimes this can also be a factor in having nothing done at all, because "I feel so lazy" or "I don't feel like it". But once you've push yourself, there's like a high chance that you'd continue doing the things you have to do, especially if you've made a list. Nothing will be finished if you don't move your ass! So get going.

Most of which are actually the things I learned in the studyblr community so I give my biggest credits to them. They have helped me to motivate and study a lot. This productivity idea really sticks to my head. It even got me bothering going out with my mom because I should be studying. I even ranted in my mind "This. is. so. unproductive." Then again, yes it stuck, because I'm studying. Yes, because I need to graduate. But then I realized, as I type this post, in a bigger picture, productivity could change your lifestyle too. This productivity sets you to push your limits. Doing the same thing everyday is unproductive and your wasting your precious life. So being productive means living the life to its fullest! It feels so good realizing that.

If you're also studying, I would highly suggest the pomodoro technique. It's actually setting up 25 minutes of focusing and studying without phones or gadgets and then taking a five minute break, then do the cycle again. I remember knowing about this while reading A Mind for Numbers by Barbara Oakley Ph. D. One of the apps that's good for this is Tide, which Saab suggested in one of her posts and what I'm also currently using. 

I may have rant a little, maybe because of such realization but I do hope you guys get the picture. So get out there and be productive. And remember, the little things count, as long as you're doing something that would make you feel accomplished. Anna Akana's recent video in some ways, relate to this point. 

Just start, I tell you, the feeling of fulfilling your to-do is so stress-free and peaceful.

This post is solely based from my experience. 
If you have other tips you'd like to share, I'd be willing to hear it!