Joerie Struts Wednesday, November 23, 2016
fashion walk

This post is long overdue.

To officially promote me and Ell's page, we collaborated with Joerie, one of my dearest friends and my former classmate, to be our model. We've noticed way before how Joerie could get fired up when having a photoshoot and actually nailing the poses that would make a good photo. Since she's up for it, we even planned to make her our model every time we want to shoot. Setting it as our first legit shoot, we told Joerie that she has to do her hair and make-up. What we didn't expect that she'd really spend on it!

Our supposed to be "us three only" turned out to be like ten. Turns out our venue for the shoot, Marco Polo, is also the hotel where the Miss World participants have stayed, so Martha and her friends went with us, and then there's Khely and Joerie's best friend too. What's more, on that day, there was also a wedding held there too! There were pretty much a lot of people yet that didn't stop us from shooting.


I loved how Joerie really puts on her face during the shoot. She was so prepared. I tell you, days before she kept asking what to wear, what's the theme. Well I suggested the cullotes, somehow of a working lady outfit. And that's what she gave us.  Also, this was her inspired Lovi Poe look.

It didn't stop there, no. Joerie was well prepared. She had three outfits for the day. For her next outfit, we went indoors. We headed to the highest floor and had the shoot in the stairs. It was embarrassing because we got scolded by the staff since we didn't have a room key and we weren't allowed to stay along the hallway. Haha! We got some good shots though. 

Embarrassed, we decided to leave the hotel. We kinda have lost the will to stay there. Lol. That's when we went for the outdoors. It wasn't really street style, but it was public and it was a good thing Joerie's third outfit matches the scene!

It just took around two hours and we had lots of outputs already! It was really fulfilling for the three of us, since me and Ell wanted to shoot, and Joerie's frustrated dream is to be a model. Haha! I really commend her because she wasn't picky and she's easy to work with. With that, we promised this won't be the last.

I'll just leave our fb page, here