Specs, Film and November in between Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Despite the start of the pre-review, I never thought that November would be special and bountiful. I feel like I've been more blessed. I even thought that maybe this is the plot twist of my 2016 but nah, it didn't reach to that extent. Still, the feeling's so fresh and exciting. It's my first time to really appreciate November. and not just the month before Christmas. Anyway, I'm really excited to blog about this because there were so many things that happened this month.
Going Way Back: Film

Taking photography in a different level through shooting with film! I've been attracted to film presets/looks lately but I never thought it would go down to having a film camera. Me and Meric were just looking for some second hand tabs in a nearby pawnshop when I saw three film cameras that cost less than Php 4,000. I don't know how much it sells but I know it's already cheap for a film SLR camera. At first, I was hesistant. I know I want one but the money.. So, in order to help me convince myself in buying, I asked the basics from Dems. I knew she had a film camera and since I know her, I thought it would be way comfortable to talk about it. Alas, after some long replies, I've decided to buy the camera. Soon, I'll be posting my photos of my first film roll and the story behind it.

Reviving the Bookworm

I couldn't take it anymore. I can't wait til' I have my own books for myself. The urge to expand my vocabulary is growing strong every time I read some articles. With that, I just borrowed books from my one my dearest classmates. To start off, I chose one of my oldest to-read books, Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. I've heard way before that it was such a good read and I couldn't agree more. It really has a life-changing and mind boggling effect. Even though I'm on my pre-review, I really made time to read it, even just a few pages a day and it was so worth my time. Most probably I'd be reading his books after this.

In another genre, I've come to buy it. It's different, because I've been eyeing this since like three years ago?? At first, I didn't even know what it was about. All I know was that many liked it and upon seeing the book cover I was already curious. When I finally had my hands on it last year, I understood why they loved it. I even love it. It was out in the open in Fullybooked so I scanned through the pages. I read some and even took screenshots of the pages that caught my attention. This time, I was already determined to have it. It's inspiring for me as a photographer and a person who loves to document her life.

These two books are my other half in bed for the past few nights.

Specs Club

I always have an eye for Asian guys in glasses. Well, mostly in anime. But me, wearing one? Nope, haven't thought about having one in my entire existence. I was once proud that I had a good eyesight. But then I knew that with those sleepless nights facing the computer, my eyesight was going to be poor somehow. Thankfully, when I reached high school and in the early years of college, there wasn't any changes. Not until my Senior year, I couldn't see clearly from afar that I had to borrow glasses from my classmate. And now, I faced this eye problem to my mom, then here I am, in specs.

If your feeling bad, don't worry, I'm very happy to have one! The only person that made me push myself to having glasses: Brandon Woelfel. As an avid fan, I know most of his models are in glasses because he loves reflections. Well, I'm not a model but there really was something in him that made me want it, other than shooting with specs.

I actually feel smarter with my specs. Lol. Do I? (≧y≦*)

In Between: November

Like I've said there are many things that I'm very grateful for this month. Aside from those three above, highlights of my November were :

  • I've gone back to designing my bullet journal. Yay!
  • Song of the month: Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics.
  • Band of the month: Fun.
  • Super Moon attempt. Well, the lens just couldn't shoot any closer. I had a nice time at the top of our roof though. See photo below.
  • CPA Convocation - Very very inspiring. It motivated me to study hard!
  • Finally visited Mysterescape with Meric, along with his friends. We made it to their Hall of Fame!
  • Visited yet another new resto in town, Street Grub. Will post this soon!
  • We had another client: a family photoshoot!
  • My club, Ateneo Photographer's Society (APS), had a team building and I really enjoyed our shoot!
  • Meric and I won in a E-Bingo game!
  • I finally caught up with my drafts!
  • I forgot, watched Dr. Strange!! I loved it!!
  • I had very high results in a practice test from one of my weakest subjects. *taps myself in the back*
  • Oh and I almost forgot, I'm participating again this year for the Starbucks planner!! I still have six stickers though. Send help please.

it's a long distance relationship with the moon and my lens

And that's how my November went. How was your November? :)