Taco Loco : 21s on the loose Saturday, November 19, 2016

Our youngest in the group just turned twenty one last 11/11! It was her first time to celebrate her birthday with us since she always go to Japan during school breaks. Good thing all of us were able to meet up the day after her birthday, despite me and Khely's busy schedules. Supposedly, we were going to eat at one of the newest burger place in the city, but then it was crowded. So, we were left with other establishments in the area and there goes Taco Loco! I've never eaten in a Mexican restaurant before and a legit taco so... yay for me!  

I didn't bother much on choosing because Connie already tried Taco Loco. All of her orders were good for sharing, Taco Madness (different flavors), Nachos and Avocado Pizza (Idk what it's name was.). While waiting for our food, we were catching up again on what's happening lately for us. There were also moments when we reminisce our elementary days - asking which section we belong back then. And a little while, we realized that we're really getting old, almost entering adulthood for most of us, having boyfriends, which was also with us except for mine and Elloisa's. Time really is fast, and faster when you're happy. 

The food arrived after fifteen minutes or so. The Nachos with jalapeƱos were really tasty. It wasn't too salty like my previous experience in a cafe. For my first ever taco, American Style, it was scrumptious! It didn't have any flavors that didn't suit my taste or made me want to throw up (I have that kind of tendency on foods I haven't tried). I also tried another flavor which was meaty, but I forgot the name. It was much yummy because of all the meat! haha! As for the pizza, I didn't actually know there was avocado in it, which explained my not so happy face when I ate it. It was still delicious though, for a pizza! I just didn't ate the avocado on my next slice. Haha!

taco loco nachos!

Taco Madness 7 different flavors

Avocado Pizza
As much as we wanted to stay long, Connie and her boyf had to go somewhere. Of course, we didn't leave without having a group picture, which eventually became a mini shoot. We, girls, kept on laughing because it took awhile before achieving these photos. 'Because behind these photos are (instagram) boyfriends' Haha! Earl (Khely's boyf) and Ziljian (Connie's boyf) took turns in taking photos of us and would end in the same result: blurry photos. After a few tries and a few adjustments on the settings, both of them finally had a decent photo of us! 

And since the two couples were so sweet, I took photos of them. It really made me want to become a third wheel photographer!

Connie and Zilj 

Khely and Earl 

your crowd for taco loco night folks!

Truly, these nights are the best!

Taco Loco is located at 
Market Basket, Lanang Damosa, Mamay Rd, Buhangin, Davao City
and is open 10am to 11pm