Updates and New Favorites Thursday, November 3, 2016


These photos of our cat simply portrays my sembreak - a couch potato. Wait - that was me. My sembreak though was a dull story. Nothing new, like somewhere new, in simplest terms, there was no outing.. at all! Sembreak isn't over yet though, I still have three days to convince anyone to have a trip to the beach. But October's over, and the good news is, I may have stayed home most of the time, I get to be productive!! Remember my goals for October? I'm proud to say that I've conquered them.

Goals Conquered

highly irrelevant but this one's from our shoots
First up was the closet clean up and it was done as early as day two of my official sembreak. I just couldn't stand the huge pile and the OC part in me was already kicking in. With that, nothing still seemed to change much in my hangers section, but the folded side had an obvious change. The second goal was a to visit a new restaurant, but unfortunately me and Meric weren't fortunate enough to go. Still, we've managed to visit a new food establishment and I'm gonna blog about it soon. As for the goal of learning make-up, I haven't really applied it yet, but I did watch some youtube videos about their everyday make up tutorial. It was so easy to look at. I've also watched videos particularly on having a cat-eye. Aaaand I still haven't tried. For my first event to shoot ~~ it went great!! It was a success! We didn't have any problems and we enjoyed the program. I've also had some shoots too.. and hopefully more in the next three days. 

On Movies & Series

I have to make it a separate paragraph bc I feel like I have a lot to say for one goal. I NAILED THIS GOAL. Yes, maybe because I was a couch potato and broke but I enjoyed watching. I even kept complaining on how 24 hours isn't enough for a day! Okay first, the movies. Meric and I had movie marathons for days because like I said, we're broke as of the moment. So far, we've watched: Kimi no Nawa, The Secret Life of Pets, Ice Age Collision Course, Nerve, The Purge: Election Year, Annabelle, and The Bucket List. There were also movies which Meric is not interested in, so it's just me: Deadpool (no judgement here, I know I'm a loser at movies sometimes), The Gifted (Pinoy movie), This Time, Paano na Kaya (rewatched), and Pitch Perfect (rewatched). We aren't done though. On our to watch list are Stanford Prison Experiment, Chef (knew this from Saab!), Get a Job, and Burnt. This has got to be the longest movie marathon I've ever had. It's not consecutive but it's for how many days!

series collage
i could only make a collage of the series ain't the movies lol
Now the series. I'm so proud to say that I've watched a lot of episodes for the past two weeks. I started with Stranger Things. I didn't binge-watch it until I reached episode 4 because I was also having movie marathons with Meric. After which, I proceeded with Haters Back Off which was very funny. I still have 2 episodes left to watch. Aside from keeping up with How to Get Away with Murder, I'm catching up on my high school series, Gossip Girl! I didn't know where I ended so I just looked for some familiar parts and that's where I started, Season 2 episode 18. I stopped until I finished season 4. That's when I started to watch Friends again but after a few episodes, I remembered Two Broke Girls and I missed it. So yesterday I binge-watched it and most probably after this post.

Along the study-free days, I've come up with some things I'd want to share.
Little Mix

I've come to know Little Mix from Black Magic and Secret Love Story. But it got me to listening their other songs when Ell told me how nice 'Love me Like You' was. We had a short concert marathon of their songs which made me love them and their voice. It went much more when we heard 'Shoutout to my Ex'. The vibes really pierces me on the inside. I hope you'd feel it too with their Live Performance in X Factor. Sadly, they deleted the video, but the music video still works.

P.S. I found the link but unfortunately they block the Philippines so...

PhotoBlog: Julia Trotti

this is her photo
I was lurking in Bloglovin and then I saw a photo that caught my attention. And when I opened her blog, I fell in love with her photos. They're so damn beautiful! She's now my favorite blog and I could spend all day just looking at her photos. It made me even love film more and wanting more to achieve it. Got me craving for more shoots. She also makes presets and sells it. As much as I want to buy all, I couldn't afford it. Anyway, I just hope I could find more photoblogs that would inspire me!!

Wheeww! It was sure a lengthy post which I really didn't intend to. I just got caught up in the moment and was excited enough to share it here. Well that's it. My next marathon would most probably be next year after graduation *cross fingers*. I'll still look back to your recommendations from the previous post.