Bullet Journal | 6 Thursday, December 8, 2016
wanderlaska journal
bullet journal wanderlaska

How I miss my blog! Finally, I've snatched some time to update. The drafts are slowly piling up, and I don't like it. So before officially starting December in Wanderlaska, I'd like to end November with my bullet journal!

As I've said, I was able to make some effort again in designing it, not extensively though. It still has a minimal design and still likely to have more blank spaces,which I find unattractive in some ways. I was more driven in the first two weeks but then again, I couldn't find the time and thoughts of making it as creative as the two spreads but, I tried. I'm also starting to struggle for December spreads, but will definitely catch up! 

Anyway, here are my spreads for November. Enjoy!

I know I suck at my flatlays, I promise to make up for it next time!

I'm just a month a way to completing my first bullet journal, yay!!