Catching Up with Christmas Thursday, December 22, 2016

I could totally feel the Christmas rush as I type this down. I can't believe it's three days til' Christmas yet here I am, still a little hungover from mock boards. There are a lot of things that I'm supposed to catch up on but somehow, I forgot about them now that I had the time. I was thinking, "What did mock boards do to me?" Lol. Even so, I was sure enough to go out of the house and of course, shoot. I haven't thought about it first, but Meric called it, our first Christmas date this year, knowing that I had a lot of plans for the holidays. 

Before that, here are the things I have to catch up on before another two months of studying. Lol.

I miss blogging! I hate the fact that I have a pile of posts to write about. Two of which were from November. The good thing: I've finally posted something now. Also, I have to catch up reading other blogs. So many to read!!
Bullet Journal
My December spread is much plainer than one of my spreads in November. I can't wait to decorate it! Also, I'm starting to think of how to decorate December 25th spread. Hmm. 
I believe that I have lost my skills in shooting. Huhu. I have to regain myself. Plus, it's a very very very good time to shoot since there's a lot of Christmas decors in the city! I can't wait to visit them all!
Movies and Series
I wanna binge-watch some Christmas movies and I want to catch up on Two Broke Girls and Gossip Girl, then watch Friends again. I don't think there'd be sleep if I want to achieve watching them all. o_o

2017 Planner

Moving on, I want you guys to let you know that I already have my planner for 2017! Yay!! This time, I'm going with the Starbucks Planner. I ain't a Starbucks person because I don't have the luxury for it, but I tried collecting anyway bc PLANNER. Thankfully my dearest best friend, Khely, gave her second batch of stickers and I get to add just two more drinks! Now, if you're thinking, how could I decorate it or how I'd use it same as how I do with my bullet journal, then I'd say pretty much the same. Yes, it's hard to decorate it given that it has so many limitations but I'm taking it as a challenge. I know 2017 is a year full of studying because of the upcoming board exam, so I thought I wouldn't have that much time to decorate. Instead, I'd be putting more creative juices on another journal, which is my project for 2017! 

First Christmas Date

It was actually a simple one. We just went to two malls and did some window shopping. Lowkey showing what we want for Christmas. Lol. But it was unplanned that we visit the City Hall's Christmas designs. There was a choir singing when we got there and of course, there were so many people. I wish to have taken some random people's photos but I was so awkward. I don't know how if I should approach them or nah. In the end, I just took photos of Meric and vice versa because it was just us.

Now you know what to expect! 
To more dates and shoots soon!