I Fell In Love with Studio Photography Tuesday, December 27, 2016

This one's a late post, yet here I am, pushing it through because this experience really struck me. Buuut before anything else, I want to greet you guys a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed your holidays especially with the food prepared for it. 
Last year, I never bothered with studio photography. In my mind, it's nice to shoot outdoors with natural light and with different backgrounds. Not some plain ole black and white, even if it's classic. I don't know why I had that mindset, but it surely changed when I attended another workshop by our club, APS.

Pouvoir: A Studio Photography Workshop on Women Empowerment

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photo by APS
Despite the busy schedule, I really forced myself to attend the workshop. This is my last year (hopefully), in college and I don't get to have this kind of opportunity any sooner. Also, with the mindset earlier, I just thought maybe I could try this time. I already attended one last year, with the same speaker, but last year, I wasn't really able to join the hands-on activity due to priority to outsiders who also attended the workshop. 

The workshop is in collaboration with Dexterity Studio. The speaker of which is the owner itself, Sir Brian Dexter Medija. He's known as a commercial, fashion, and beauty photographer. He also served as a photographer for such big clients. You can know more about him through his website.

As for the workshop, in the first part, he taught us about the gears used and the type of lighting used in studio photography. He also had some sample shots with the studio, the Dexterity Studio set-up in school. The second part was when we members got the chance to try for ourselves the lights with models. The flash adaptor (I ain't sure what's it called huhu) was passed from member to member so that each of us gets to try.

My Pouvoir Experience

At first, I was really hesitant and shy to take a photo and to be photographed as well. Good thing, my friend and ex-classmate, Paul, was there to ask for our turns. Lol. I also had a new friend during the workshop. It was our first time to talk to each other and the reason why we talked was because we're both Fujifilm users. He owns my other dream lens, the 56mm F1.2. He noticed how awed I was and was kind enough to let me borrow it. IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER. It made me love the lens much more because of the blurry background. Someday. Someday.

It was amazing! I didn't expect it! I love how the shadows at the back turn out and I love how there are different kinds of beauty in placing the lights. At first, it was like a light greyish background but after changing some settings, it became darker. Also, it wasn't grainy at all! I wish I had a lot of photos but it was such a limiting activity, so I only had a few shots. 

one of my first shots
Guys, meet Paul! Oh and I used 56mm for this one!

Sir Dexter added the pinkish cellophane as a filter for the lights

I didn't use the flash thing here, you can see how it's grainy 

this one's taken by Paul

So did you fall in love with Studio Photography as well? 
If you can visit somewhere in Davao in the next two-three years, be sure to visit my studio. LOL.
A girl can dream.