Analog: Starting Out Friday, January 6, 2017

One of the best things happened as early as on the second day of 2017 - I developed my very first film roll! If you're following me on twitter, you've already seen some of my shots. He he. Remember my post about me going back to film? I bought a film camera last November and I'm sorry to say I didn't use that one on these photos. I'm still a noob with film cameras, so don't expect much!


I didn't know anything about how to use film cameras. Zero. I felt so stupid when I already had my hands on my Pentax. I just learned about it when I already arrived home and searched for the camera manual. I already had the film installed from the guy at the photohouse that sells film rolls. I bought only one battery but upon checking the manual, it needs two. Useless. My stupidity ran again because I kept taking pictures w/o the battery. Then again, you only need the batteries for the light meter. Stupid. Stupid. So, I bought again another film roll, this time it was just me who loaded the film. If you guessed that I was being stupid again, then you're right. I loaded the film wrong that's why the exposure counter didn't go past 5! It was a late realization too. *face palm* Embarrassing as it seems, (very embarrassing),  I'm sharing it to you guys because I enjoyed the experience! I don't mind having such mistakes. Learning film is so awesome, I tell ya. 

On Film Cameras

You've seen my Pentax ME on my previous post. What you didn't know, I bought another film camera! This time, it's a rangefinder. I actually thought it would be my Christmas gift to myself. Haha. I didn't plan it, though. It was an impulse buying. I saw it on my newsfeed and I just love its aesthetics + I've been curious what's a rangefinder, so I pushed it. Thankfully, it arrived just before I left for an overnight stay. It's a Canonet QL17. According to my research, it's quite rare. I've also read some reviews, that it's their favorite. Those are some of the reasons that made me buy it. LOL. I'm so happy that I already have two cameras. Cameras are something I want to collect. I've been eyeing on a Leica but it costs a fortune. Now, I'm broke so I'm sticking with these two for now. I tried selling my Pentax, but right now I'm torn. I want more film cams!


First Roll

Since I thought my Pentax wasn't working because of the exposure meter, I used my Canonet QL17. When I got my packaged, it already has a free Fujicolor YKL 100 film roll (24 exposures). Yay! I don't have to buy film. It took me awhile how to know about the light meter, so I shoot with manual. Quite nerdy there for a bit. Haha. Imagine how hard that is? O.o You can't see the output, unlike the digital camera. I had mixed feelings about my first film roll because I don't know what it'd look like. But here they are! 

Another stupid moment: I had two shots wasted because I had the lens cap on. Haha! 

I didn't expect the light leaks!! So cool!

Analog People

Recently, and I mean earlier this morning, I discovered some people who have so many beautiful photos using film cameras! All thanks to this post which I saw on my bloglovin newsfeed. Currently, Kiki Li's my new photography inspiration along with Shaira Luna, which I just knew because of Kai. My love for photography keeps growing! Gah!

I can't wait to shoot more with film.
To more photos this year!!
If you're kind enough, I'll gladly accept film rolls. Haha!
Sorry if I got all nerdy talk(technical) hehe

It's already 2017, I still don't have a catchphrase.