Goodbye Bullet Journal 2016 Sunday, January 15, 2017

It's all Christmassy, I know. My bullet journal 2016, didn't say goodbye yet so.. In case you're up for it, I'm sharing my December spread!

I do hope you didn't expect much, though. It's kinda plain ugh-gain. I was still in minimalist mode.. and currently am. Early December was hectic because I need to catch up on my studies because of the mock boards. After which, I got busy going out because I felt so detained because I had to study. You know..

Ain't good with doodling so that's a Santa hat, and some Christmas balls

I love turning the pages of my bujo so I accidentally tore one of the pages

I already planned to have a spread for the 25th of December and have it decorated just like last year. Turned out, I got lazy. I changed it to some Christmas quotes.. or phrases from Christmas songs. So with that, the pens I used bleed through the pages and that's why the 25th of December just had one page. Sorry for my crappy Christmas tree doodle. :-(

So that's my December spread! But wait... there's more! If you've been with me ever since, I started my bullet journal posts around May. If you're curious enough how my bullet journaling journey went through from January, you can watch my video of my bullet spreads. Before that, I do have some notes explanations about the video..

          • It was a one-take video. 
          • I didn't really put much effort editing it. 
          • I didn't have enough time.
          • Mostly the second one, so don't mind the bg music.
          • I was just aiming on showing my spreads for the year.

Well that's it for 2016! 
I'm so glad I finally get to finish one journal! That's a first for me. Yay!

For this year, I'm using a Starbucks Journal. 
The layouts may not be the same as this, but it's been great.
I'll be sharing my monthly spreads soon, so I hope you'll still stick with me.

My previous month's spreads can be seen here.

So what's your favorite month spread?