Hopes Up 2017 Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Happy New Year everyone! I was really aiming for a good photo for the year but it's a rainy 2017 for us in Davao, so no photoshoots and my blog post can't wait. I hope you had a marvelous celebration with all those fireworks. I miss seeing one for real. As for me, it was not a wild one. I had an itchy throat on the last day of the year so I couldn't scream as much as I want to. I even slept early. Lol. But the feeling was surreal. I couldn't believe it's already 2017(!) even as I type this down. 

Hoping it, Claiming it

There's actually two big hopes I'm claiming to get this year. Basically, they are the center of my 2017. That is: a.) to graduate and b.) to have the CPA title. I think I've mentioned it a few times last year when review started. In all honesty, even though the year just started, in some ways, I already want it to end. Huhu. Well mainly because it's filled with studying and studying and I'm gonna be gone in the blogosphere, mostly the internet, and I don't like it. But of course, I know in my mind everything's gonna be worthwhile. 

Looking Forward

Aside from those two main goals, I also have some other things I want to achieve. It's all about photography, though. First, I'm going to work on my photojournal project! Yay! I'm not yet sure how I'll be going about it but the idea of printing my own photos is exciting. I've always wanted to have one and it reminded me every time I see journals in tumblr. My next project, yes, it's also a project, has something to do with mail. I can't wait to post about it, but look out to it! I'm also very excited to do it despite my review. I still have to finalize how I should do it, but I'm hoping I'll be able to pull it off before the end of January. 

I would want to post about my other goals for 2017, sadly, I didn't list any. I was too busy worrying about review and studies so I only have those four main goals. In that way, I can focus on them more, huh? Well, maybe I'll post other goals when the time comes. 

I hope we'll have a prosperous 2017! Cheers!