Postcard Project Saturday, January 21, 2017

In case you didn't know me too well, I have a thing with photography. The thing is, I love it. I am not a pro, not just yet, but I'm learning. While I'm at it, I wanted to expand or share it to the world, physically. I present to you guys one of my biggest(yet) and first project on my blog: Wanderlaska's Postcard Project! 

This is also one of my major projects this year, so I hope this goes well!

The Idea

How did I come up with such project? First and foremost, it's been heavily inspired by Augustin Ra's post. Thank you so much, Augustin! The idea just popped in. How about I mail some of my photos?  Mail. Photos. Boom! Postcard!! Mailing isn't something I've done before so I got really excited when I thought about it. I just also remembered that postcards were a thing back then. I was fascinated about that but haven't look back into it til now! Irrelevant but I think I'm gonna collect postcards soon from different places! And from what I've read on your comments, I believe you'd love to get one for reals!


01. This is open for all. However, there are limitations. I don't have the luxury yet to send outside the Philippines. So, I could only send at most to two people internationally.  Unless you really want to receive one, I'll gladly accept donations for sending.
02. You may choose up to two photos. It's not guaranteed that you'll be receiving two, though.
03. This is open to suggestions. You may want some quotes, or overlays, or a polaroid style or something to add. I am open to it but as long as it goes to my liking too. We'll discuss this more, privately.
04. I'd be picking randomly. And at most I'd be sending to only 5 people. I'm still thinking if I should inform you if I already sent it or not to make it a surprise but we'll see.
05. The duration of this project is until May. At least the first batch. I'd be having my review from June to October so... :-( This wouldn't be the last, though. The participants who joined in the first batch will automatically be part of the second except for those who were already picked.
06. The information you entered will solely be kept by me. I know the terms of confidentiality so, you can trust me. ;)
07. The size of the "postcard" would be 3.5 x 5 in. Subject to changes but it's close to this size. I'm still not sure if I could find a nice cardstock for this. If not, I'll just be creative about it.
08. My photos are available in Tumblr and in Flickr (more updated). It's not limited to those two. Some photos uploaded in my blog could also be picked. Just copy the link or describe the photo.

P.S. I know you could just have this printed on your own but I hope you respect this project, me and my photos. Plus, it's nice receiving something from the mail!
PPS Forgive me if everything is not that organized, this is a first but one thing's for sure: I'm sending postcards and I'll randomly pick someone and send it before May ends. That's the deal!

It would be great if you joined this project. I hope you do. Please do fill up the form if you want to receive one. Yay!

I just want to place the no title photo here heh
I hope to hear more from you guys!
If you have questions or things you'd like to discuss privately,
you can email me: