Staycation at Marco Polo Hotel Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Is it just me or my opening photos lately have the skies in it? Actually, they're taken on the same day. I just think they make great introductions. Now, I just added a title to it. Lowkey hoping it'll get some attention. Anyway, this is actually part of 2016 and I just happen to post about it now because I was busy wandering on the last few days of the year. This was part of it.

It was the day after Christmas that we have the staycation booked. My best friend Ell, got a free one night stay at one of the prestigious hotels in the city to compensate the trouble she's been experiencing for some time now with a travel agency. Of course, we, me and Khely, are up for it. It was yet again a day filled with photo shoots same as we had in Park Inn, or so I thought it would.

Day One

I actually prepared three outfits, because I'm that kind of person who packs more than I need. But nope, the big time #ootd photo shoots didn't happen on the first day. Basically, it was a hang out place for three best friends, or more like a situation wherein we lived in the same house/apartment. Khely and Ell were the first ones who checked in, because I was too busy buying a battery for my new film cam. It was the same day when it arrived! When I arrived, we just focused on our laptops/gadgets and just talk what we've been busy about. But before that, of course, I was so excited about the room. It's my first time on the 18th floor, the top floor. It got me a little disappointed though because I was aiming for the opposite view. The good thing was that it has the sunset view!! Though the skies weren't as lovely as the other days, I'm still glad I achieved some silhouette photos. Also my hopes up 2017 opening photo. I feel like I cheated on you guys but srsly, I didn't have any other. One of the biggest things I love about sunsets is how the colors shifted from an orangey to yellowish or pinkish to darkness. I was really waiting for the sunset, standing up and seeing the windows, then sitting again. I almost felt hopeless when it there were many clouds started to cover the sun. It wasn't the best sunset. But then I saw my version of golden hour, bam! I called Khely right away to be my subject. We had a small shoot with that, also with Ell. That explains the hopes up 2017 photo.

The rest of the night was pretty much the same. One of the highlights of which was downloading Sims 4 through Ell's origin and it took around 12 hours before it was done. Despite the long hours, I still commend Marco Polo's wifi though. It wasn't slow and it wasn't limited. The only limited thing about it was you only get to use two gadgets to be able to connect. But there were loopholes so we all got the chance to surf.

Day Two

We woke up late for breakfast. It was too early for Khely though since her days start on the afternoon. We didn't really prepare ourselves, say taking a bath, 'cause there's like an hour left before Cafe Marco closes. When we went down, I had the feeling we were underdressed because most of the people dining already had their outfits for going out with all the wet hair. It's not something that bothered us though because we were still sleepy to actually care. I kinda regretted that I didn't ate as much as I should have. And I'm blaming my sleepyhead for that. What I took was a very usual breakfast: eggs and bacon and more bacon

our view from the 18th floor

pool area

The sun was brightly shining through the windows. In me and Ell's eyes, it was a nice light for a photo shoot. That triggered Ell and this time, it was I who was the model. At this time, Khely was taking a bath because it was already scheduled that we have a photo shoot before we leave. We actually had a theme! As far as I could remember, it was something related to a white polo. Hence, my first outfit for the day.

in my defense, I was really laughing because Ell kept teasing lol 
It's really hard to pick but those are just some of my favorites. Now when Khely's all dolled up, it was Ell's turn to take a bath and my turn to be the photographer.. for like a few minutes. I had to transfer the photos right away to have lots of space for later. After we were all prepped up, we went down to the pool area, the place for all events and photo shoots. It was just me and Khely who had the real shoots since Ell's too conscious of her what-she-calls fat body.

"Merry Christmas from us three"

Of course, a group photo wouldn't be missed. Good thing Ell got to borrow some reindeer headbands. We actually planned on buying one but it was sold out. Anyway, after our photo shoot, we didn't check out just yet. Ell had the chance to have an extended stay 'til 6 pm since the travel agency manager was the one who would check out. As for Ell, she jump right into editing the photos whilst I edited when I got home. I already had a thought in mind how I'd blog this when we were there, like how the rooms like or the facilities. As you could see, it turned out to something different. For my original idea, I think Khely got it all covered, since she was vlogging our stay! Well, not exactly vlogging. Just taking vids on what happened and all. Some of which I hadn't mentioned but I'll share it to you guys. This video is from Khely's. I hope you like it!

I don't know much on posing so forgive me and Khely.
If you've reach this far, thank you!

See more of my photos and ventures soon!

If you want to experience a relaxing stay in Davao, Marco Polo would be great!