Duo Dates: The Fourth Sunday, February 26, 2017

February never felt so special for me in my younger years. It really didn't bother me, more like Valentine's really didn't bother me that much even though I secretly wanted to receive something. I usually spend the day third-wheeling on my parents. That happened until I met the King, I meant Meric. Haha! (King is his second name btw) February's highlight has always been Valentine's but now, I also look forward to our anniversary!

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Valentine's Day: Fourteenth

Meric is actually the first person I spent Valentine's with and we weren't together yet that time. I had my first rose for v-day and I even snuck out just so my parents wouldn't know. Time flies and it's now 2017! I don't sneak around anymore. Haha! This year, it took us some time before we could decide where to eat. When the day came, we didn't anticipate how restaurants could be so full! It was our first time to celebrate v-day in a fancy way, so yeah. We didn't know again where to eat. We had a lot of walks, checking on some resto's we could eat and achieving some Japanese cuisine. We were unfortunate for that, but thankfully we thought of Gangnam: a Korean restaurant.

It was my first time to eat Korean food and trying a Korean resto, so I didn't know what to order. I've only known kimchi because it's popular so we added that. Meric was feeling soup-ish. He ordered Jjampong (not sure of the spelling). As for me, it took me awhile but I've finally decided to go with stir fried pork. (I forgot the Korean name). While waiting, I was busy taking pictures because I brought two cams: film and digital. After a few minutes, my order wow-ed me. It looked really delicious. As soon as it was placed, tried it and it's spicy, which made it more scrumptious. Meric agreed. And as for Meric's jjampong, it was legit. He had most of it, I just had a sip and a few noodles. We couldn't say the same to the kimchi, though. It was simple and okay. No other comment.

stir fried pork

What I loved about this date was that it felt like the ones I've seen in movies/series. I really had a great time. We talked much more than the usual. We walked down the streets with a cold windy weather. We had some good laughs. We dressed nice. And even though he didn't get me a rose this year, his presence was enough. More importantly, we had a great time.

Anniversary: Sixteenth

I hated Thursdays because of my schedule and the sixteenth was a Thursday. Originally, we planned to have dinner during my break time then I'd go back to class right away. It seemed like the heavens were giving us a gift or maybe we're just lucky because upon checking Twitter my wish to have no classes was granted! The night before had a very heavy rain til dawn, causing flood to mostly flooded areas. Later that day, the sun was shining yet still a little cloudy but I'm happy! Of course, the plans changed, but we still didn't know what to do. All we know is we'll have lunch.

My craving for Japanese cuisine still wasn't satisfied and Meric was also up for it. Good thing he mentioned one Japanese resto nearby named Nonki, which I forgot that existed. We went straight there after we stopped by at a Japan surplus shop near the resto. The place looked fancy. We were welcomed with waitresses in a yukata, saying "welcome" in Japanese. The place was dark compared to usual restaurants. We explored inside looking for a good place and what caught our attention is the divided rooms. Well not technically rooms. It has dividers and in each cubicle there are two tables like in a Japanese setting. We didn't have to squat though, even if I'd prefer that with the pillows provided. There was a space for our legs to rest and from the outside it looked like we were squatting.

It took time to order again, despite that we were familiar with Japanese food. There were so many that we want to try but couldn't because we were saving for later's expenses. In the end, we went for a Teriyaki bento, Gyudon (for me), and Okonomiyaki (for Meric). All of which were heavenly. We felt so full and indeed I was satisfied. After Nonki, we didn't know where to go next so we just went to the mall and looked around. We stayed there for like 30-40 minutes and decided to go to Aling Foping's. Meric knew I've been craving to go there since the start of Feb or late January so we went for dessert! Aling Fopimg's for me serves the best halo-halo. You can choose up to six ingredients on their list. I went with the usual plus an extra ube jam. Yum!

aling foping's halo-halo 
We didn't stay long since I still have to study. :-( Overall, it was a simple date but I had another great time with Meric. We could have gone somewhere else and I mean the adventure type, but it's a school day so we'll resume our anniversary celebration by then ☺

Short Update

I've been trying to focus on studying but I suck at it. Ever since my last update, I haven't opened my laptop so I've been out in the blogospere. I couldn't not post this and I hate piled up drafts which explains this. And I think I owe you an update. Not to worry, just two more weeks, I'll do some catching up on your blogs. As for my postcard project, I'm sending out a few postcards tomorrow! I'm gonna print them later tonight. Don't expect much, it's kinda simple and it's my first time and sort of a DIY.  Hihi.

Til then, hope you have a great week ahead :)