The Siren Journal Sunday, February 12, 2017

It's a little while and I'm so glad I get to finally post this! I've been excited for so long but exams got in the way. If you've been coping up with my bullet journal, this year's journal is the Siren designed journal from Starbucks. 

Although I love most of the designs of the pages in the journal, there were some things that made me want to release the creative side of me. I decided to print some nice photos good for backgrounds, paste it and wrote from there. On another note, the January spread wasn't much appealing to me as it should be so I wrote my goals for the year. I would have also covered the other side but nothing came up to me on what I should write on so I'll get back to it maybe later when I have plenty of time.

Like I said before, the journal is pretty much limiting and on different levels. I couldn't write the days on my own or place them wherever I want. I'm grateful for the free space on the right side, though. The only thing I could think of filling it was the happy list for the week and some things I've thought of or plan on. The rest: designs and doodles. It's not easy considering myself as a frustrated artist. The ideas don't pop right away like real artists. In short, I am not skilled in drawing so don't mind the failed drawings.  

the drawing of the girl isn't mine just copied it somewhere and had my own version of it heh

what a fail drawing of a SUPPOSED TO BE: cute Chinese dragon

I felt really sad when I missed this year's Chinese New Year. Ever since me and my boyfriend celebrated it two years ago, it became sort of a tradition and we're not even Chinese! This was the week when I finished A Series of Unfortunate Events and I got into the Ballerina Soundtrack.

I am so happy I got my issue of the Scout Magazine! I super love the colors! I have a thing for mustard yellow and some autumn colors. Plus, it's Nadine Lustre!! Her photos on the mag were spot on!! I am not so proud of the last spread even though I swore that I'd put much effort. The mock boards killed my vibes.

Overall, I'm so glad of the output! I wished I could do the same for February. It's still plain because again, mock boards. It's like my creative brain cells are dead. o.o There are two big events for me this Feb so I have that and studies + my postcard project!! Feb is also the last month that I'd be studying for college and I really want to do my best. Wish me luck!!

So what do you think of January's spreads?