Photo Walk: Seawall pt ii Sunday, March 19, 2017

The first thing that would pop in my mind for places to shoot is Seawall. It's somehow overused but at that time, I was aiming for some chill vibes shoot. I had to visit Seawall. At the same time, my best friend finally got her cash for buying her new cam. After those four long months of not shooting, she definitely deserved a shoot with her photoshoot buddy, me. As decided, we'll be heading to Seawall, but she also had some of her own objectives for the day: a grocery-themed shoot.

photo heavy post

Well technically the place is just the grocery. We would have gone to Robinson's but it's too far, plus, 7/11 could do the trick. So we had a little snack first then start shooting. Oh by the way, it's just us taking turns to be models because we're girls who can do both. Haha!

winning photo

And then there's me...

my winning photo lol

These are just a few of our many photos. I'll be posting them more on my Flickr soon. I really enjoyed editing these photos as I achieved the looks I wanted! Because of that, I already set up my first preset. Yay! So I hope you enjoyed our outputs and my edits and I hope you have a great week ahead!

Still catching up. Keep shooting!