Afternoons at Spark Friday, April 28, 2017

How I missed going to cafes and taking photos of their beautiful interiors. It was hard to catch up on the continuously growing establishments in the city. There were so many new restaurants to visit and new food to try. Thankfully, this recently opened cafe is just near my neighborhood! I get to visit it anytime I want!

Spark Coffee + Crafts


The first time I knew about this cafe was through a friend's post on Instagram. It caught my attention because of the word "Spark". I didn't bother as much not until I saw another post. It caught my attention more because it's not an ordinary coffee shop. It has art supplies too! As a frustrated artist and stationery girl, this is like heaven to me. I told my best friend, Elloisa, that we'd go together. Days passed and I knew that she already went there first because of her friend. Anyway, I got excited to go there and since it's just around the corner I invited Meric instead.

The Place

arts and crafts corner
We went there Thursday around 1 pm, after lunch. When we got there, at first look, it was just a small space, but when we entered, the place could actually accommodate a lot. I love the huge "SPARK" painted on the wall. Like I said, it caught my attention most probably because of how it looks, minimalistic. I also love the one that's in front of it, a homie living room set with some art and plants hanged on the wall. Further, you can spot the Craft corner in the shop. They sell anything that's related to calligraphy, brush pens, calligraphy pads, inks, and nibs. Not only that, there are also highlighters, muji notebooks, color pencils and other stationery stuff I wanna buy but could not afford. Haha! With that, they hold workshops too! Before I forget, they sell Anello Bags too!

The Food

Even though there were no customers when we arrived, we positioned ourselves on the high table since I love tables near the windows where you can get much natural light. We ordered right away, Blueberry and Banana Waffles and Matcha freakshake. It was my first freak shake and I love it! Three different levels of matcha and it was so good! The waffles were also good. I don't eat them as much but I l enjoyed it, it wasn't something I wouldn't want to eat again. 

The one thing that I'd go back for it though is their FRENCHEESE. I just had to stress that because it's like the BEST FOOD I'VE EVER TASTED. The crunchiness and the cheesiness, ugh ~. We ordered Frencheese and the Iced Cafe Latte for our next visit, a few days after. I'm not a big fan of coffee, though I drink them when I get the chance. The Latte was okay. I would have ordered the Caramel Machiatto but Meric doesn't like caramel, so. The Frencheese was something that I would go back to for my next visit but some of their bestsellers, like the Lasagna, Chicken Fajitas and Spark Sandwich, oh and also the Caramel Machiatto.

that cheese ~~~ heaven

The Experience

At first, while we were waiting for our order, I was a little bit hesitant to do my thing ~ taking pictures. I took out my stuff, including my planner so that I'd have a new background for my spreads. Check them out here. When the food finally arrive, I went in full force. Still a little shy from the crew and the table behind us, but whatever. Haha! Meric was patient and supportive, he was also taking pictures even though deep inside I knew he wanted to eat already.

i was on photographer mode hence my lack of  styling
What I loved about the place is that the staff and one of the owners were friendly and approachable. As soon as the other customer left, I went again and took pictures of the place. The owner, Lawrence, encouragingly offered to move the table a bit to give me space and turned on the lights for the photos. Not only that, from what I've noticed, he approaches to the customers, asking if the food is okay, totally charismatic. He even noticed our second return and my third return with Ell (he also recognized her!). One of the staff also offered to take a picture of me and Meric. The fact that it's a comfy place to stay, especially on the sofa which felt like it was a Friends' set-up, made me wanna go back. Also, how convenient to go to because it's definitely just in my neighborhood! From there on, I've decided I wanna be a loyal customer. (if money will be provided) Ha-ha!

Sparks Coffee + Crafts is located at Unit 5C Paseo Uno Building, Ruby Corner Opal Street, Marfori Davao City.
They're open from 10 am to 10 pm, Mondays to Saturdays.
Check out their Facebook page for updates and workshops!

This is not a sponsored post, just a happy customer posting about her experience.

Til then, keep shooting! 

P.S. This is second to the last of my March update. 
My March monthly will be up asap!