Class of 2017 Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"She believed she could, so she did."

I think I got overly excited to post about this and maybe because this helps in catching up with the surreal feelings I have after everything. I just graduated last Saturday, April Fool's Day. It could have been a joke but no, everything was happening for real. I was there at the moment, going with the flow but my mind and soul were just floating on cloud nine.


a sample look what it looked like
Technically, the whole thing lasts for three days. First is the class pictorial. Each section on each division would have a class pictorial on their togas with the department heads of each division. It lasted for like 5 minutes but this is actually the time to go to anyone you want to have a picture with because most likely you can't find them anymore on the day of the graduation and baccalaureate mass. Sadly enough that I didn't get to have pictures with so many people I want to have a picture with, even in graduation! Nevertheless, the important pictures were kept, the ones with my core group of friends and our disbanded section, 3E. 

Baccalaureate Mass

dad took this, a view of what it'slike during the mass

The second day is our baccalaureate mass. The whole batch was separated into two because it would be really crowded. We could invite anyone we want to go. We get to march with one of our parents as they would sit behind us for the later event. It was pretty much normal until the hooding ceremony. I went with my mom, she is after all the parent who does such things. The song, "You Raise Me up", played as mom was pinning my hood. It was all good. I avoided thinking a lot so I wouldn't cry. I get very sensitive when it comes to my mom. After she's done, we took a selfie and I hugged her and said my I love you's and let her know this was for her and dad.

Graduation Day: The Big Day

I really don't like that I had to wake up early. The program starts at 7 am but we had to be there by 6:30. I had a good sleep but it waking up at 5 am still made me sleepy. I also planned to avail of the free breakfast given by the school but nope, we arrived at school a few minutes before 6:30. Everything was smooth. Our division was part of the first half, so we weren't that bored. After the first half, that's when problems begin. My feet hurts because of my heels. I got hungry, but I was able to eat anyway since there were some people selling light snacks. Also, I got sleepy. I had to stop using my data since I had to save battery to contact people by the end of the program. Fortunately, I had a quick power nap which made me alive since the whole batch was called. I kinda regret after the ceremony, we didn't or I didn't throw my graduation cap. I guess I thought it would be much better if we all did. Anyway, after that was picture taking! I got the chance to join the high school batch group picture! Thankfully, my best friends arrive not later than that, so we get to have our picture taking! So much thankful for Ell, who took all of my photos. I also had another goal on that day: to take my winning photos on the rooftop. I wish to stay longer but my feet really hurts and I couldn't bare to take it off just because. 

It took time having pictures taken so my parents went ahead. When we arrived at Coco's, there he was, holding a bouquet. It was really sweet because he had a bouquet and a box. My detective skills were right, it was food. I hunched it was a cheesecake, but nope, it was blueberry pie!! I've been craving to bake it with him for months, and now it's here! Our lunch started around 2:30 pm already. We didn't get a reservation and Coco's was really full. We were celebrating also with my cousin and her family. They ate the first box of pie. It pitied them because I know they were really hungry, especially dad, who took the box right away. Lol. We enjoyed the food even if I was the last one to get served. I was pretty much full.

obligatory fam pic

my ever supportive bffs 4/4!!

I just had to post how happy I was.

Everything happened so fast! I mean, I can't believe I'm done with school. I remembered how I much I complained and ranted about how I wanted to earn my degree so that I could work and provide something for my family. And now, I'm already there. Though I wouldn't be working yet, I'm still done with school!! I'll say it again, I still can't believe it. I'm just thinking maybe I should give myself a getaway and maybe that would let everything sink in. But apart from the surreal feelings, I'm proud and I'm happy I've reached the end of this journey. Those complaints and rants, those missed outings and gatherings, missed opportunities, they are worth it. It's not gonna end just yet, but I know those will all be worth it.

If you're feeling down, feeling hopeless, feeling discouraged, don't forget to pray. I've always believed in the saying, "Do your best, and God will do the rest". Miracles happen in its own simple ways. Remember that grade is just a number and the important thing is that you learned something. There may be circumstances and that's okay. Things aren't always easy as it is with my journey. And yet look, I've reached my goal.

Good luck in all your endeavors. I hope you guys reach your goals as well. I just ticked off one of mine. ;)

a bachelor of science in accountancy graduate