Food Truck Festival Sunday, April 9, 2017

A month ago, I saw an ad saying there would be a food truck festival in SM Lanang. It really got my attention since I love food and I want to experience buying from a food truck - like what you can see in movies. It was in line with the celebration of Araw ng Davao (Davao's Day). It was also the first food truck festival in Mindanao, so it was a must-experience thing to go.

this is a catch-up post from my March activities, so sorry if I had to blog about it too late

The festival lasted for three days. On the first day, I was with Meric and I didn't bring my cam with me. We didn't really plan on going so we just passed by the event. It was still early and stalls were still incomplete. We expected food trucks, but no, to our dismay there were only three, and they weren't even on the main road. It was situated in the parking lot and there was a stage up front. It was more like a food bazaar. 

On the second day, my girls and I were unsure if we'd be able to go to the food truck festival. Good thing I met with Khely, so we went there ahead. We tried the newly-opened La Lola Churreria first before heading out in the parking lot. We loved it! 

This time, the place looked really like a festival, but more like a concert ground. We roamed around first, checking the stalls. It was really tiring as there were plenty of people you get to bump into. I honestly felt "I hate people" during that time. It was really crowded. It also took time waiting for our food. Connie suggested we get the steak. It was all good, yeah a little normal but so not worth our money. 

We roamed again when Ell arrived. We had a few chats, catching up here and there, then aimed the Mexican stall which had the best nachos as a hearsay. It was a very long line and since it's located near the stage, the photographer in me has awakened. It was an instant mini shoot. The vibes of the photos looked really nice. If only there were just a few people. Anyway, after eating, we decided to go home because it looked like it was going to rain. 

Another good time spent with my besties! As for the festival, I hope next time there'd be real food trucks showing up.

my bffs: me, ell, khely, connie

i told you it looked like we attended a concert

 the nachos we waited for like hours

Again, this is just one of the many posts in the queue. I hope to update more before the end of April! 
Some of you might have already seen the photos in twitter, thank you for reading about it here! 

Til' then,
keep shooting