Photowalk: Karin at Burger King Monday, April 17, 2017

Given that I was already free from academics after the first week of March, it was already time to get back to what I love to do most: take photos. This time around, it was a comeback with my co-photographer batchmates. The original trio who founded the so-called group, which now has five members, got a chance to shoot a fellow batchmate, Karin.

A few days before the shoot, Datu and I were already planning a shoot but had a big problem, we don't have a model. Thankfully, not long enough he thought of Karin! I got all excited when she said yes right away. One, because she's not a stranger, we were classmates during the first year. Two, she's half German, I find her cool and funny too! Three, she's game for it! We had a group chat planning the photoshoot for the next day, unfortunately, Karin already had plans so we pushed it to the next day. I was full of excitement.

While we already had a model, another minor problem: the location. Davao is still in progress to be a well-developed city. There's not much tall building or murals, so it's really hard to pick a good location and as much as possible, a free one. When I went to Burger King for the first time, I knew it was a good place to shoot. I have thought of blogging about it since it was also the first BK in the city, but then it went to this.

The day before and during the photoshoot, Karin was saying I/we should teach her how to pose, cause she says she's not good at it. For me, she was a natural! Yes, I was directing her, the guys says that I'm the director lol, but I was just giving her ideas. Lovely!!

my winning photo for her // also her profile pic!!

We didn't stop at BK though. We tried somewhere else, but it wasn't the same anymore. I didn't like the environment that much but I'm glad I still got some good shots. At the end of the day, I felt so proud of how the photos turned out! Also felt proud of myself because my good four-eyes didn't fail me in looking out for some good backgrounds for shoot. I hope you guys enjoyed looking through my photos!

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More of Karin's photos here and more of my photos in general, here.

Thanks again for catching up with me, guys. 
I'm still slowly catching up with you too.
Keep shooting and have a great week ahead!