New Beginnings,March Saturday, April 29, 2017

I know it's a month late but I did it! I caught up with this all my March posts. Although I haven't really caught up entirely on the blog, I'm just glad I made some progress. Anyway, March was when things got really loose. I was finally done with all the tests and I just had to unwind. That's when I can do everything I can and not worry. But the thing is everything felt surreal at that time.


Of course since I have a lot of free time, it's finally time to catch up on those to watch series and movies! I started with Riverdale. I'm a fan with Archie Comics since my childhood days. I used to get copies of it from my aunt and I enjoy it every time. It's not really based to the Archie Comics and I'm fine with that. It's really my type of series, Mystery and Crime drama. Speaking of, I started with Elementary. I love Sherlock Holmes but I love Benedict Cumberbatch as him. Elementary has its own different terms and that made me love watching it, not as much as Benedict Cumberbatch's version. I wouldn't spoil the beans except that Lucy Liu is in it and I love her since Charlie's Angels.

As for movies, I finally watched Moana~~~(sings). I know it's way too late and I regret not watching it in the cinemas. I just love those type of animated movies, which explains why I also love Tangled, Frozen and Ballerina. Moana just showed another world out there. Or something that people get into.


Since I started watching Riverdale, I just love the soundtrack. I'm not that good in finding good music but when I listen I'm all good. What I really love is Candy Girl. Last March was also the time that I get to listen more on Ed Sheeran's Divide. It was my study playlist for my last set of exams. And one of my favorites, Dive. Lastly, Bruno Mar's, That's What I like. I love its music video!


I've got one and that's OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB!!! I've never read the manga before and I've only watched the anime and it was already good but the manga is way way way better. Everything was so cute! I couldn't stress how much it gave me feelings. It has now a huge special place in my heart. I'll never forget this.


A wrap up of the big things last March:

Shoot with Karin @ BK
Graduation Ball
Graduation Pictorial
Passing college!
Food Truck Festival
Spark's Frencheese

I know it's a little late, so I'm just gonna ask, how's your April? :D

Until then, keep shooting!