Summer's Up in Cavanico il Mare Monday, May 8, 2017

It's already May but it's not yet late to post about my summer escapades! I've been dying to go on a beach trip ever since last year. Can you believe that I wasn't able to go to even one beach for almost two years??? 2016 was the year of the pool/inland resorts which is why I haven't been able to go. I've prepared for this trip for weeks but days before we were still unsure which resort we were heading. We finally ended up choosing Cavanico because it was the most convenient for us and we've been trying to visit this place since its opening.

Now catching up with April events, this is just the start!

Cavanico il Mare a.k.a. Pacific Heights Resort

It wasn't the first time I went to the resort. Previously, it was called Pacific Heights Resort mainly because the resort was inside an undeveloped village. I even blogged about it during the tumblr days, here. It was simple yet so white. And at that time, I love it because of its minimalistic ambiance. After a year, me and my best friend, Ell, was shocked because there were big changes and we didn't expect that it was the good ole Pacific Heights. Those changes consist of the pool, the cottages and mainly the vibe. It has a new theme now! I don't know how to describe it but still, looks artsy!

The Experience

It was already 10 am when me, Meric and Ell arrived. We were amazed because they had a shuttle to take us to where we want to settle. As we passed by, in my mind there were 'woahs' and 'coolness' because the place really looks nice for a resort! Usually, resorts in Samal weren't as beautiful and developed like they did. We settled at the farthest part, the part where we stayed before. And that's the place that didn't change as much, only more cottages. 

As for me and Ell, we always start right away. We roamed around and took pictures. When we had enough for that time, we decided to have lunch. After which, it was time for me to change to a swimming outfit for my photoshoot~! I prepared for it because I wanted a beach photo so bad. I'll spoil you how this day went: a photo shoot of moi~. Haha! After like what seemed hours, it was finally a Loi and Meric bonding time since we're done with the shoot and it's time to hit the beach. Ell didn't want to go for a swim since she had a skin allergy, so it was just me and Meric.

The sad thing later that day was that it rained. It was already gloomy that afternoon and we already thought of that but we had to push through. It was an icky feeling and it was hard because we also didn't bring any umbrella. Good thing there was a ride for us to go back to the wharf. 

All in all, the three of us had a good time. It was really tiring because when we arrived in Davao, I was asleep on the ride to downtown. But in the end, I still wanted another beach outing. Haha!

Catch more of my summer events soon~!

Until then, keep shooting!