Meet Alaska

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Hi I'm Louella Lunas, but call me Loi for short. I'm a photo enthusiast. Going on photoshoots and curating my instagram feed are some of the things I enjoy. I believe I'm the girl version of my chef boyfriend, Meric, considering ourselves as jack of all trades. That includes being a frustrated person in most of things but mostly, a frustrated artist. One of my biggest goals in life is to be an ambassador of Fujifilm. And like anyone else, I'd love to travel around the world someday.


Wanderlaska, comes from wander and Alaska. I've always wanted to wander everywhere. Alaska on the other hand is the one name that have come to my liking ever since I've read John Green's book, Looking for Alaska.

This blog was made in April 2016 in hopes to be a well-known brand and an inspiration especially to other photo enthusiasts. Wanderlaska is where I share my path to become a better photographer with the results of my photo shoot, stories of my experiences of what life has to offer and some bits and pieces of inspiration.

Actually, Wanderlaska's been leaning onto a photography blog lately. So, it's all my photos with some stories of my life.  

I would want to end this with my catchphrase but I'm still in search for my own catch phrase, so, til then!